Led the British takeover Newsle, let you moment “monitor” bosses network dynamically

LinkedIn (get) recently announced that the acquisition. Newsle services is to put you on the social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn contacts to import Newsle, Newsle will then automatically tech-oriented web search, online as soon as possible after the latest of these people, it will automatically remind you.

for Newsle users now, the good news is that Newsle will not be shut down after the takeover, the service will remain independent, and will integrate technology into LinkedIn products, continue to make the network more meaningful relationship.

“LinkedIn and Newsle have a common goal: we all hope to provide professional thinking, that you can work better.” LinkedIn one, he says, “if we can know more about your online contacts, such as when they mentioned by some news – this can bring relevant information, help you arrange to meet with their next time.”

last year, LinkedIn acquired Pulse, a similar to a unique news reading APP. Now buy is reflected the LinkedIn to provide users with new tools.