Legal channels edition version false start date? The Xbox one available in published at the end of April The original game sells nearly 300 yuan

best vision recently released 2013 annual report, the executives of the company a series of problems in detail.


XBOXONE business:

1. The vision will be released at the end of April XBOXONE on-line process

2. Set up a joint venture with Microsoft, the CEO will be appointed by Microsoft. Hundreds of vision to set three requirements for CEO: for a moment in Chinese; 2 understand the Chinese market; SanDong Microsoft. The same person will be announced at the end of April

3. The joint venture will be to support the domestic production of the game content

4. The content will include single and online games, sports and shooting, and other themes in, download paid and prop charge mode

5. A single copy of the game the price will be cheaper than the price of 300 yuan a foreign

6. Game censorship rules to break through free trade. Part of the review devolution to the local administrative department of Shanghai

blockbuster 2013 annual report, the company has accumulated in the 2013 years on the OTT equipment, more than 100 such hd set-top boxes. Hundreds of vision to be a partner with Microsoft’s “family game entertainment” business is expected to number allocation must be commercial in 2014 years. If XboxOne can duly listed on July 14, the conservative estimate of vision or to sell 100000 units this year. But progress than expected is the Xbox problems existing in the project.

Source: tencent game