Legal market still have to cut the vertical service

legal electricity industry by the end of 2014, about 140 billion the size of the market will grow up to be (RMB), in this context, the electricity law have got the money, such as previously reported, law of cloud, green dog legal box and so on. Take money after electricity feel more comfortable, they think they can rest easy of a warm and well-fed life, but, in fact is that so?

I’m sorry, but isn’t.

legal industry is not money has everything, precipitation industry for a long period of time is very important. Play in everyone’s in concept, the most scarce is usually calm and intensive cultivation. Know blended si-si liu said: “in the Internet companies spent a period of time, do not represent can get legal services, Internet has no experience in industry abruptly into the industry, do not go too far”.

the following from known blended si-si liu oral:

legal industry backward, needs change

in the past, the lawyers most care thing “diabetes mellitus”, who has an abundance of diabetes mellitus, who had a steady stream of “water”. Which lawyers are scrambling to grab territory, get more people became “the big landlord”, and fewer people have to work to others. Electricity law in fact provides such a Shared channel, can easily push lawyers and diabetes mellitus (user) and docking, greatly reduce the cost of a lawyer.

in China, in some places there is no law firms, such as the three level 4 cities. There, on trademarks and other intellectual property rights question no one answers, if met this kind of problem often wrangling with each other. But it is not the same as now, three level 4 cities directly skipped the PC Internet directly to mobile Internet era, it shows that the country’s 1.3 billion people is likely to be linked by the Internet, the popularity of smartphones make the link with the carrier. Electricity law makes now don’t open law firms also can have the opportunity to let the user get legal services.

China has tens of millions of small businesses, will increase each year hundreds of thousands, they are not more than 90% please legal adviser. Once a company is able to provide standardized solution, the price is cheap, will undoubtedly is heavily influenced by the market. Legal electric chamber of commerce for startups standardization of tailored solutions, it will give great help for small businesses.

free strategy preempted market

exquisite Internet sharing, free, fast. In my opinion is very important for free.

it is worth mentioning that the registration of trademarks products other mediation will be in charge the service fee of one thousand yuan of above, in the process of the known blended at this stage is free, known as blended only charge on behalf of the trademark office registered trademark official charged 800 yuan for the overseas students.

from a single point of breakthrough and gradually whole industry layout

know blended do vertical law of electricity. Vertical electrical contractor before the reason I think it is all a pain points not found. As you can see, the product category as the selling point of vertical electrical contractor (such as shoes, pants, tea, etc.) does not emphasize customer groups and services, they often do not also prove it (facts). You will find in big order and in the same vertical electrical business order, or I might as well buy in giant.

and services and people as the core of the electricity business is not so, for example Vipshop provides a sale service, this site is condensed the people who need a sale. Or can also like to know blended, condensation are intellectual property requirements of users. This is vertical vertical category of vertical services and demand rather than goods.

now mainstream law electrical products on the market, most of them are trying to move the offline legal service to online. The enterprise of product “instead of” pursuing: law firms from each category will follow in the product online lawyer service; Platform, the product will convene each law firm lawyers to do online service platform and so on.

but no matter what is the form, it is the same, that is their service is a dragonfly water type, ensure the quality, can’t there is no guarantee that the user viscosity. Is easy to understand, I in this website you do divorce advice so I can also do on other sites, you can’t restrain my must complete consulting on you this platform, there is no guarantee that the user’s lead.

of course, you could say that this is the product as the core of things — who good user experience, whose product design cow who can survive. But in fact the law is not a pure Internet products, it has its own rules and laws.

such as trademarks, intellectual property rights is not a simple one-time registration behavior, it is a long industry chain service. Not every brand can be successfully registered success, registration is successful and will need a lot of solution. And registered trademark also need to pay attention to how to circumvent the risk of similar design, whether to register the related negotiations and so on a series of problems, how to and malicious registration of trademarks. Based on this, it can be said that a registered trademark and trademark rights is a not easy thing.

before si-si liu has served in the Chinese trademark association, has many years of industry experience, know well to the industry. At present the company has a legal adviser 10 people, they have ten years experience of intellectual property rights. Si-si liu had to lenovo, China shipping, real estate agencies to provide a more intellectual property legal services. Future intellectual property industry chain can be extended a long and wide.