Lei jun calculated: use fake iPhone hit Android companions

(translation: sea qian editor: horse relief yi)

abstract: m 4 release, the millet and lei jun again at the forefront of public opinion. In the domestic media to “millet copying apple”, “destruction of the industrial chain development” opinions vary, the problem of foreign science and technology media is the criticism of artillery aimed at the millet. Recently, the, millet is Chinese version of the apple. Whether millet or lei jun, all attempts to use the image of the apple on the tall, to packaging yourself in order to get more market share.

unfortunately, millet brazenly copied strategy can only seem to run at home. As the millet overseas ambitions, lei jun and millet are bound to the brutal lawsuits by rivals such as apple. The fate of millet? If you can’t get rid of the role of a copycat, then maybe darling stay at home is a more sensible choice.

millet, is a new generation of the image of the consumer electronics giant, swept across the whole of China and began to march to the world. Millet was the real product, now this partly because they learn from other companies, such as apple, explicit concept about design inspiration. But if the scope of millet in China want to maintain their own growth and expansion, it must be prepared to undertake the blatant copying the opponent and then declares war on opponents.

the Chinese market, respectively, with the United States operate under a different set of criteria. In the United States, the original is the most important, focus on the protection of intellectual property is also attaches great importance to and. Although China has the intellectual property law, but the provisions are generally considered to be weak, not often strictly enforced.

however, historically, replication behavior is sometimes worth risk-taking. Is apple, for example, copying xerox’s graphical user interface (GUI), Microsoft is copying apple’s OS Windows. Both companies was a great success, all because of the high-profile “copy”. Samsung steal some specific features of apple recently, so the two companies began the endless battle.

but millet is different. Apple and Microsoft to a great extent, plagiarism is a concept, millet is copy design and elements. Products not clone or copy, in essence, they with a single component or function is not the same, but there is no denying that they are eager to find from other product design concept. This should not be regarded as an immature ignorance behavior: millet company clearly know what they are doing. For the design of millet, they have a lot of inspiration, but the company focus on apple is very striking.

last week, lei jun in the new product m 4 conference, wearing a black shirt and jeans, and try to imitate Steve jobs. He repeatedly talked about apple’s products. He also made it clear that millet also went to the manufacturer of iPhone, see if they can produce millet. Conference ended in one powerpoint presentation, showing the “one more thing” – a good apple.

admitted to not copy

apple’s influence on millet is well known. Businessweek called m 4 “apple is the very” smart phones. Last year, the New York times said millet company lei jun is the “shanzhai” Steve jobs. One of rosenblatt securities analyst, explained in an interview with CNBC last year, millet company is not urgent to expand beyond the realm of China because the company is still in the hold mode.

“samsung fortress model also existed for a long time,” he added.

it is well known that most of millet inspiration from other company’s products and marketing materials, but it is usually considered a copy of the apple. M 4 replica is the best of the apple. Obviously, its inspiration from the iPhone 4 s and iPhone 5. It’s there to have a good reason: the iPhone is widely popular in China, but the price is higher.

in addition, the company’s media player – millet box, which has striking similarities with Apple TV, as shown in the above. Millet tablet, for example, the company is obviously the mini and the iPhone 5 c as design concept – even in Mipad tablet (millet) marketing in the picture. Millet mini router looks like apple trackpad. Millet mobile power source is the theft of the iPod mini. Worse, in the 3 m product is displayed on the page the iris of the camera lens unexpectedly like apple icon – – what is more, in 3 shown on the mobile phone camera icon is apple products, until the millet finally on July 29th to change it.

millet the mock object focused on apple is wise. IPhone on millet to occupy China’s primary market goods belong to the high prices, millet products and no significant advantage in this position (millet 3 only to apple’s iPhone 5 product budget half the price of the sale). Through constant contrast it with the apple, the millet is using this way to establish their own brands. So far: millet in China is growing at the rate of explosive, rose 271% from 2013. It is reported, millet mobile phone plan to next year sales of 100 million products.

millet has beyond the “imitation” apple

millet website seems filled with images of the alleged theft. Many appear in the 3 m on the camera image is a modified and tailoring. In some cases, the theft of image watermarking has been removed. The following is from the national geographic. Another is the Flickr. Two is an excerpt from user Getty images. After being noticed infringement, millet on July 29, has changed the picture.

this tactic also continue to product page 4 – at least one through the mobile phone camera images are already circulating on the Internet, and also can be purchased through pictures web site.

millet even from startup plagiarism products, and in popular recently announced a Kickstarter project virtual clone. It is essentially a small button, housed in a 3.5 mm headphone slot of the phone. This little device for Kickstarter gathered $695000 in 2013, and it will still be able to order on the price of $27. Millet edition to $1-2 produced the same things.

even if there is plenty of evidence copied, millet was adamant that the leadership of copying apple’s design, and introduced a comprehensive public relations on defense. Lei jun is apparently not like “the Steve jobs of China” title. Former vice President of Google, the millet company vice President Hugo Barra is actively trying to change around the company’s views. In recent interviews, he said he “tired of people who says grandstanding speech.”

Hugo Barra pointed out in an interview that he thought the millet will become “the most incredible innovative companies. This seems to be easily recognized by blind admirers. Because the millet is trying to Android specialty in China custom, sales methods, especially the material quality and cost-effective equipment specification of innovation.

but the truth is, even with high levels of organization, company culture, too, seems to be “copy, don’t stretch”. Apple found samsung in the domestic market to create many loopholes, like millet found apple made, then they through the design of the product to meet these requirements.

like apple in the United States, the pattern of millet was used in the Chinese users. Millet smartphones equipped with Android a lot of the revised version, allowing operation device a unique function, allowing almost unlimited customization, it is especially important for the Chinese market. Give up Google services, millet last year launched its own application market, which saw the impressive download rate. Beautiful MIUI is one of the best I ever used Android version, and can be used in many competitors of mobile phones.

however, millet more important innovation is around retail sales as the center, rather than product design itself.

millet try to through below market average no way to sell products zero advertising spending, which to a great extent, instead, in the form of direct sales to avoid the shop sales. , according to the millet company President held the company close to the product of the material cost price to sell, not the research and development, logistics and other factors into account. Unlike other top mobile phone maker, millet before launch will not build a big stock product list. So far, the millet sales of its products, sometimes about 5000 units of small batch, make the company to create a hedge costs, stimulate consumer demand.

it must be pointed out here is that all these decisions are for the Chinese market and the innovation of the world. Although abroad, generally dominant operator subsidies and sales. Recent data points out, millet is now in the second smartphone sales in China, is located in samsung. The brand that apple dropped to third place, and ended with samsung.

millet will expand into new markets at present. Company in early 2014 will extend to Singapore and set by the end of this year, 10 emerging markets, including Brazil, Mexico and Russia. Hugo Barra statement in April, the company plans to in the new market, on the same business model.

and one more thing: the bottleneck of millet development

millet company has long been a young has the vigor, and know how to learn from. Millet company is lei jun as chief executive, a former Google senior executive bin for the President, Hugo Barra leadership under the leadership of the international business growth.

millet is not apple and samsung’s influence, if the company want to continue its strategic intention to steal others’ work, it will need to stay in the country can accept such behavior. In the United States, it will learn one thing: electronics giant, “love” in the litigation, and have deep pockets. Next, the real fight, is likely to come.

even if millet don’t like it with statements of grandstanding compare to apple, but the company has received the difference. Is in most cases, compared to apple, it is a compliment. Apple, also blatantly copy other companies in the past, created a so far few can have others to challenge global empire. A lot of people think that there will be a millet can challenge apple a day, especially if it is committed to the design of the original hardware.

by the end of the time, we seek attitude and opinion to the millet company, but still haven’t received a reply.