Lei jun character and destiny: jump off the cliff to success for 1% gambling for 40 years

you know lei jun?

a lot of people are familiar with or even worship lei jun, can casually say several ray hierarch quotations. But, you really know this person? Lei jun – as a person, not as a symbol of business or investment.

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lei jun, born in 1969. He more carefully, like balance, how it will be difficult to make up your mind. Innovation as the fire, lei jun before most of the time away from the fire with a little distance will stop and that is left to his own safety. But in the end, to make China the most disruptive startups, lei jun.

in 2007, leaving with kau pak kwan founded jinshan, lei jun is important nodes in his life. When he was fate throw at a crossroads, to finally have a courage to cross the rubicon. Lei jun says, he is over forty trough, hold not must-win will lose faith founded millet, never do a half-dead middle enterprises. Therefore to realize the startup “jump off the cliff” feeling.

leave golden hill was a great blow to lei jun, but it is fate to give him the greatest help. If you don’t leave, jinshan, lei jun? The results are obvious, lei jun will be like in jinshan, is always a good but not enough outstanding business leaders, will always be one step and successful entrepreneurs.

now in retrospect, he after three turning point in life, one is left, jinshan, one is to create millet, the last one is at the moment. People tend to his second turning point, before and after the two mentioned.

lei jun is one of China’s entrepreneurs to do things in a like Steve jobs. Steve jobs has also left apple once again. But no experience to jobs’s talent and paranoia, is still jobs, jobs and lei jun is not the setbacks, may not be the lei jun today.

value of millet has topped $10 billion, for lei jun, 10 billion threshold is just a force can accept the bottom line. Now, lei jun is a new mark. From the initial to the present, lei jun’s dream never change, is to be as great an apple company. Apple market value of billions, in music, mobile phones, tablets, and other fields continue to upset the continuous innovation, millet and distance.

lei jun has become a lei jun, but haven’t become the most aspire to be the man, in his dream he needs second revolution, secondary innovation. If use the standard to evaluate a great entrepreneurs, lei jun is the greatest moment he desperate, struggling to jump down the cliff at the moment. Now millet success there is no suspense, at that time if there is a new trend, lei jun is not willing to let go to subvert abandoned? Everyone was watching.

always one step away from success

in December 2007, kingsoft listed after two months, lei jun stepped down as CEO. Reason for leaving the jinshan, lei jun never explained, but why leave the more interesting question is, lei jun why don’t you leave early? Or, if you don’t leave him?

in the Internet bosses, lei jun famous at the earliest, the most experienced, programmers, as kingsoft 96 general manager is top ten outstanding youth of domestic Internet, very bright. Around that time, li is still in the United States, ma to raise money to start his first company.

lei jun has been claimed that he read a book when he was 18 “fire of silicon valley” is the source of his dream, the book tells the story of Steve jobs and Steve wozniak, a group of people created the apple computer and change the story of the world.

“jobs said to live is to change the world, because americans think they are the center of the world, I said that I live to service to our country science and technology, you believe it?”

lei jun grew up) a model student, but also people living in the sixties were a set of education in the specification, doubts about the system have not. In 1992, lei jun to Hong Kong for the first time, he found that in the morning the streets are safe, not legend Mafia, “collapsed for the first time.” Then go to the United States, found that the moon really than China round “foreign”, collapse once again.

lei jun says, for a generation, is pretty sad of, until he meets the founder of jinshan kau pak kwan, realized from the government can implement technology of patriotism. China, in the commercial order just like the dark night several torch light, road is limited, but someone will depend on the inner strength, outlined a mount Everest to himself, kau pak kwan and lei jun is one of them.

before 1994, China’s IT industry, one of the most famous is the President of IBM, lenovo but programmers, kau pak kwan, zhi-dong wang, wangjiangmin and so on. Knowledge industry famous journalists Liu Ren had published “the hero”, will be the era of passion burning times compared to the hero, as a programmer with oneself wu3 lin2’s shu source program, can set up the company, success and fame.

if the silicon valley of fire to lei jun pointed out the example, the trip to let him see enormous energy business, and kau pak kwan to his dream is an entrepreneur. These three things together to build the initial dream – to become knowledge hero lei jun, create a great technology company like apple.

lei jun has the right to such dreams, of course, he is very smart, and has more than the number of times often hard. Join in jinshan is one of the reasons why because he cracked kau pak kwan WPS office software skill development. Vice President of cash mountain Fu Cheng memories, lei jun to see him for the first time, holding a small, say to want to consult how to do the product, what Fu Cheng say, write down LeiJunQuan.

after founded Beijing jinshan LeiJunHua three years to develop software “pangu”, finally hit from Microsoft, fiasco, short run away jinshan after come back, the experience and his idol jobs have in common. Liu Ren told caijing, lei jun inner restrained, to leave and go back is hard choice, drew his bow at most people didn’t like, lei jun is rational than a lot of people.

after the vigorous efforts to turn the tide of lei jun is like a hero, led the jinshan play games, and develop powerword, out of weakness. He was in his Alma mater, wuhan university and the students shout slogans: “I want to use in the next decade and Microsoft to a huge gamble”.

now recall, lei jun was ambitious and founded millet’s vision is similar, but he was so missed the Internet the most gold development stage. In 1998, lei jun as golden hill CEO. That same year, also the company founder Zhou Hongyi abandon traditional software programming, with five employees set up 3721 companies, which means the piranhas, directly to the Internet. At the same time, baidu, tencent and alibaba set up.

lei jun is not without see the potential of the Internet. Liu Ren said that in 96 he and lei jun in zhongguancun, a small bar drinking beer, lei jun will persuade him, and now there’s no point playing BBS, advice to spend time on the Internet.

a jinshan old employee evaluation are surprisingly lei jun is kept, and the biggest advantage is good at survival, good at cooperation, good at discovering and creation, but not good at plunder and conquest, the heart have, too cautious. Compared with the Zhou Hongyi, lei jun was more than success than several times, but less that bit of gambling willy-nilly.

lei jun also try to change, he do electricity do online, learn a new game, every industry achieve the top of your niche is not always the boss. Lei jun to reflect on the past 15 years to do a lot of products are only one step away from success, but always lost. This is genetic, age, company before.

in October 2007, jinshan finally listed in Hong Kong, worth only a fraction of a mainstream Internet listed companies. Two months later, lei jun choose to leave.

back to the original question, lei jun why not leave early? The observer is not difficult to find reasons, only the sense of responsibility, heroic feelings and vested interests. Lei jun told caijing, he thought, jinshan can carrying his dream, then one thing for 15 years. “When you find eldest brother is wrong, you dare not say, do not want to admit it, struggle. You can also go against, broken axe into the boat, but it will lose and.”

at the end of the day, when there is less lei jun abandon everything, rebuild all courage. He has been in the heart of silicon valley “of the dream, but missing is that Mars.

the above staff, told reporters that at that time a book is very popular, is called “from good to great”. Past experience has proved that good, lei jun but show how people know his inner desire for excellence. As early as 2000, lei jun founded the first domestic e-commerce company, became known joyo.

the left was a great blow, but it is fate to give him the greatest help. If you don’t leave, jinshan, lei jun? The results are obvious, lei jun will be like in jinshan, is always a good but not enough outstanding business leaders, will always be one step and successful entrepreneurs.

left, lei jun life into low tide. He began to full-time to do investment. CEO outside someone comments he can’t do it, just do the chairman. At that moment, he may also believe that such evaluation. After all is such a pursuit of the perfect man, jinshan experience can only say that without failure, it certainly is not successful.

in the winter of 2007, lei jun ran back to jinshan building, later want to go home, to remember the driver was gone. He was in the wintry zhongguancun waited for more than forty minutes played less than a car, sad at heart.

jump off the cliff

others evaluation period of jinshan lei jun the lack of it a little bit of gambling, and investment, is precisely a take a gamble.

left jinshan, lei jun invested in more than 30 companies, many companies have in their respective fields, such as Carla, vancl, UCweb, play, tao, etc. Winners like YY to play more, 2012 listed on nasdaq, lei jun this sum of $1 million in angel investment, won about 113 times the book returns.

lei jun investment logic is a trend, look at people. Lei jun taste very good, very accurate grasp of the trend. In 2005, when he investment community news net, jingdong was formally established in less than one year, people had only just begun to realize the charm of e-commerce, the mobile terminal devoid of concept; 2006 UCWeb network instant messaging tool, lei jun investment company only less than 10 people. Four years after its $300 million valuation, become one of tencent into the enemy in the field of mobile Internet.

a investors with the lei jun plans told caijing, lei jun character is to be not willing to give up, until no and once a decision is reached, thoroughly than anyone else. Lei jun investment “malicious”, take a fancy to a project, put off everything, other investors two weeks after the meeting, lei jun after two days. Wang Hang said, and lei jun met a day earlier, he didn’t get up the next day, the telephone rang. A connected, lei jun says, money in the past.

as lei jun to the deepening understanding of the industry, his perfectionism, he will encourage team to develop a new product, to overthrow the old products. In 2007, more than playing a team to create an online group chat voice products, with the first a lei jun investment iSpeak of similar products. Media speculation that the matter let lei jun and had a good relationship, also invested in iSpeak Zhou Hongyi make bye.

at this point, a successful career in investment, lei jun out on two points, one is to know how to succeed under the trend, 2 it is to learn how to make a perfect mobile Internet products. And, more importantly, both let him find confidence. Compared to three years ago, he has more money and experience, so to speak, how to do a product to succeed in mobile Internet, no one is more certain than lei jun.

Liu Ren said, he saw two kinds of people, people who watch a areas, spell all bet on time; Another kind of person is the ten areas of research, finally choose a best bet, begin to do. Lei jun is the latter.

the flame up and no one can stop. Always quietly lei jun even directly conflict with beloved entrepreneurs, his first in the name of the “millet studio” tested a browser “charming”, business compete with UCWeb, cause dissatisfaction. But the choice of lei jun is not an end to this product, but out of the board of directors of the UC.

pocket, founder of the white crow said, lei jun like doraemon, pocket a bunch of things, and all are not small. Lei jun project covering mobile Internet community, content, application and so on all levels, eventually set Yu Dacheng all products such as mobile phone only.

in 2010, lei jun founded millet. He said great company always born in the great trend, and the outbreak of his phone on the Internet.

LeiJunCeng said he wasn’t good at adversity to survive, he always let his in an impregnable position, and then set out. According to his usual cautious, startup is very low-key, first set up the company quietly, and in the name of the third party development beautiful MIUI system, even when hiring all don’t say he is the real boss. A familiar with lei jun entrepreneurs told caijing, a hero like lei jun plot, pain and frustration can endure, is the most uncomfortable do not bring shame.

one year after the start-up of the summer, lei jun in houhai a quiet clubhouse held a small media communication, announced two things: one is the beautiful MIUI is lei jun, 2 it is millet mobile phone next month. The scene at that time the sparse sat for more than a dozen reporters, lei jun to behind the scenes repeated twice: I have a fear of failure.

a month later, lei jun in the form of a similar apple conference, a man standing in the middle of the stage, completed two hours lecture, officially launched the millet mobile phone. After his speech, lei jun to smoke outside, by the journalists asked him: facing the question, are you ready? Lei jun said, no problem.

“entrepreneurship is to jump off a cliff, 40 years old, I also can again for my dream of 18 bet once again.” Lei jun said, now that clings to the belief that will lose to a startup, that’d be a complete innovation.

millet is considered to be China’s Internet the most innovative products. Millet mobile phone before birth, the domestic smartphone market there are only two ecology: one is the high price of high performance, such as apple; Second, the low price low performance, the android in China such as cool. Meizu phone founder jack had been high hopes for his product prices and the hardware is good, but the loss of the system is closed, the service is poor. The millet with low price for high performance into good service attitude and caught the fever, is accurate.

after the millet and numerous imitators, only learned a fur, but followers of the essence, the essence is beautiful MIUI system. Lei jun to call it a “living system”, it is like the Internet products, receive user feedback and fast iterative update at any time. Beautiful and easy to use, interactive is strong.