Lei jun millet can achievement dream of empire

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lei jun, the theory of talent and ability are as good as ma, li and others, but before millet lei jun has been led by golden hill second position in China’s IT industry. From the perspective of the development route of millet, LeiJunYou an empire dream, has the nature of the Internet to build a soft hard couple, business empire, millet is also to help him realize this dream. Let’s product line from millet, analysis of lei jun empire dream can be realized under

millet was founded in 2010, four years, the young company released a lot of products, and its core roughly three representative products, mobile phones, televisions and set-top boxes, routers.

millet mobile phone – the foundations of the empire

millet generation release, can be said to be a bombshell of domestic mobile phone industry, with lei jun marketing of genius, millet by many people as China’s apple, and even some say lei jun for jobs in China. Although millet didn’t become apple, lei jun no successful sealing god like Steve jobs, millet mobile phone course has been a huge success. Also it is because the millet mobile phone, let the billions the startup value of only 3 years old.

four years passed, we still have this or that of millet mobile phone, but neither millet mobile phone or red rice series has become a hot product. Millet mobile phone depend on its unique beautiful MIUI ROM attracted thirty million fans, it was such a huge fan power, made lei jun to build the foundation of business empire. Why do you say that? The reasons are the following:

1, millet mobile phone is a pillar industry in the development of the early stage of the millet, mobile phone brought huge profits for millet, tree built a good brand image, and attracted tens of millions of rice noodles, constantly develop new products to ensure these are millet.

2, mobile phone as a terminal device, the interface can be regarded as a series of millet products. Whether millet mall, read more, such as software products, hardware, such as headphones, mobile power supply, or millet, if there is no millet mobile phone support, I’m afraid also so hard sell like hot cakes.

3, mobile terminal will become the millet product control center in the future. The millet has released the millet router TV box, millet, millet, etc., mobile devices has become a “remote control” of the equipment. From the current form, millet will develop more intelligent products in the future.

overall, mobile terminal set is responsible to the success of millet, relying on the perfect beautiful MIUI system will be derived from a complete ecological system, the beautiful MIUI TV system, MIWIFI is included. Beautiful MIUI and millet mobile phone has created the prototype of the empire, is a key to the success of millet can be.

millet TV – exploration and expansion

after the millet mobile phone achieved initial success, millet and millet TV box arises at the historic moment. This can be said to be the millet to explore in the field of mobile phone outside, fortunately in televisions and set-top boxes, millet performance is good. Then millet box enhanced version released the millet, millet TV also increase unceasingly, the millet to the sitting room market to expand further. Why millet’s first generation of the mobile phone products to choose millet and millet TV box?

1 fans are mainly composed of young people, millet, millet is claimed to be a young man’s first TV, TV is so millet rice noodles are needed, it also conforms to the concept of millet do products to meet the needs of users. Even if you don’t buy or buy less than millet millet TV television, then buy a millet box may be used.

2, sitting room economy has developed rapidly in recent years, traditional TV has been unable to meet the needs of users, can be connected to the Internet, play games, hd 3 d TV products and loved by users. Transformation and upgrading of traditional television manufacturing industry is also, for in the Internet of millet, rely on millet and millet TV box a share in the economy in the sitting room is determined.

3, mobile phone is the TV remote control, TV is the display of the phone. In an age of pursuing domestic stimulus, small mobile phone screen has been unable to meet the needs of users watching movies, playing games. Millet through the perfect combination of beautiful MIUI system and beautiful MIUI TV system, for the user to create a better play of the remote control and more mobile phone display. And have the experience as a mobile phone, TV would be relatively easy to do again.

millet router – the future of the empire

although mobile phone and television has achieved good results, but lei jun empire dream of success or failure is decided upon the millet router. Maybe you think millet router is a network converter, you may think that only millet router geeks seek new plaything, but have you ever seen a router need open source operating system? Have you ever heard of routers need 1 TB hard disk?

is millet millet router can foundation in the field of smart home and dominate the decisive factor in the development of smart home. Although the release of the millet router is not as high as released new mobile phone, also does not have too much emphasis on the concept of smart home, but millet router advertising slogans “millet routers, home into your big toy”, meaning to reveal the millet router, and millet has revealed that there will be a remote control, intelligent socket depth of millet, cameras, and smart bulb, and these products are perfect adaptation millet router.