Leisure vs strategy, which kind of mobile games is the “gold”?

May 4, for a whole year last year, Finland game developers Supercell’s “tribal wars” Clash of Clans and the British game developers King Digital launched “Candy Crush legend” (Candy Crush Saga) are competing for “income-generating ability strongest free value-added (free – to – play) mobile game,” the title. However, in this year, the tribal war has already achieved a decisive dominance.

a fight look seems to just two games game, but the end result is likely to suggest the future what kind of games can let the consumer more willing to spend money.

analysts believe, because the players can provide more depth of experience of free value-added game, tribal wars and other so-called “moderate” (midcore game) market is gradually increase. On the other hand, although the candy crush saga still can be lucrative, but mobile developers found that can provide more depth of experience of the participation of the game is on the rise, and for the higher the participation of the game, players will be more willing to spend more money on virtual goods.

at first glance, it seems, casual games and moderate the game had no obvious difference, but the gap is not small in terms of gold. Market research firm Newzoo is expected to more challenging game of moderate global total revenue of $3.8 billion last year, for mobile applications last year a quarter of the global total revenue of $14.9 billion. In 2012, the moderate game world total revenue of $2 billion, almost doubled last year.

compared with casual games such as “candy crush legend”, moderate the game there will not be a simple repetition, and with real-time strategy and role playing elements such as fusion. Analysts point out that once casual gamers upgrade become moderate game players, and they will increase in the game.

SuperData according to market Research company Research, according to the first two months of this year, the tribal wars, on average, each player’s money into rose from $1.29 to $1.29. At the same time, the “candy crush legend” the average players remain at $0.6 on money.

in addition, The military theme Funzio export role-playing Game The Modern warfare (Modern War), The Machine Zone of strategy Game “War Game” (Game of War) and Kabam “Hobbit: Middle earth king” (The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle – earth) has good performance in terms of revenue.

analysts believe that the success of these games is that the developers to be able to “warcraft” and so on the experience of our classic PC real-time strategy game to touch screen mobile products.

game developers in general will be located in the primary audience fathers around the age of 30, most of them for the sake of his family does not spend much time on PC and console and money. In addition, this part of the audience most of the work, and have the disposal income.

market research firm Newzoo CEO Peter? Mr Mann (Peter Warman) pointed out that the above is only on the one hand, on the other hand is that the father may also affect a child’s game spending habits. Seventy percent, according to a survey that Newzoo father said most of their mobile games budget is spent on her children.

see moderate the development potential of the game, some of the old social game developers can also not miss this opportunity. At the same time, the first generation into the strategic elements in social games also makes the moderate games more success.

as early as in 2012, the giant social gaming company launched by the “happy farm 2” (an 2) on the quality of the production is actually to moderate the game. At present the company to build smartphones and tablets with the first game “happy farm 2: Country vacation” (deriving 2: Country Escape) brewing, moderate the game some of the elements of the game is for reference.

based on this, a famous investment bank Morgan Stanley recently raised the prospect of company stock. Want to know, the development of the company in recent years very twists and turns since 2011, when the initial public offering (IPO), its shares fell more than 50%.

however, Morgan Stanley also pointed out that the mobile game market has a great deal of uncertainty, it is difficult to predict. As more and more games in app store, the warning is also applicable to other game developers.

source: tencent technology