Lenovo bought IBM low-end server may need to “quit”

, lenovo bought IBM X86 low-end server is facing a case review from the us government. The department of defense and national security agency, could make the deal face aside and even the risk of termination.

in order to give oneself buy time as much as possible, lenovo and IBM have been submitted to the U.S. government to review application.

some analysts pointed out that the U.S. government move some alarmist. Because IBM X86 low-end server is not a high-tech projects, also can produce other companies in the United States. In addition, the U.S. government only small share of IBM 86 X server business.

lenovo to some U.S. government “blame” retorts that X server 86 many production process is done in China before. If we bid failed this time, reason is only for business purposes.

however, lenovo and IBM for optimistic with the result of the acquisition. Lenovo, according to a spokesman for the acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of this year.