Lenovo smart glasses is a false dichotomy

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intelligent hardware recently updated continuously, first is millet introduced can be matched with the millet mobile phone 79 yuan ze whiz ring, then the association also launched smart glasses, respectively in the face of commercial population M100 approximately and facing the new glass of ordinary consumers, in addition, lenovo is more like the chicken blood continuously launch family cameras, smart routers and air purifier. According to the iteration speed, intelligent hardware will become giants dessert, in 2015, outbreaks of smart home years should be the manufacturer. For a new era of entrepreneurs, is that sentence, entrepreneurs to selected areas of the more popular, more the danger, the smaller the chance of success.

well, first to talk about the intelligent hardware, lenovo lenovo layout of intelligent hardware, most has the focus would be the so-called “compete with Google glasses” smart glasses.

1, about hardware

smart glasses project dominated by lenovo themselves, two partners are respectively responsible for Vuzix hardware and software of the Beijing cloud kilter.

of course, but understand a little of the intelligent hardware consumers naturally would not easily be blinded by the manufacturer’s “indigenous” speech, from the product nature analysis, Lenovo’s intelligent glasses 1 GHZ ti dual-core processor, 1 gb RAM, 5000000 megapixel camera, android, etc and Google glasses is difficulty, and if you really have seen pictures of Lenovo’s eyes, but with Google glasses labeled “Lenovo” Logo, which is almost like this.

2, about the product

time lenovo’s development in recent years, confused and frustrated, most of the manufacturers pay more and more attention to the ecosystem construction of science and technology than domestic counterpart, mobile intelligent terminal products poor reputation, intelligent household industry an important part of smart TV the sense that gives a person is in a flash, speaking of the lenovo brand, the main impression of people go to eat the PC the sunset industry fund.

so, while China’s technology industry for the world-class brands such as lenovo can through innovative products again stimulate domestic intelligence industry development, the emergence of the intelligent glasses is lenovo want to gather is a still immature fruit.

Google glasses, is Google and the Android ecosystem to wear areas hit a key development planning, as intelligent household life and Android wear the advancement of new technology such as the layout will be increasingly reflects its importance, but in contrast, lenovo smart glasses, may be just a’s stunt intelligent terminal product, that’s all.

at the scene of the association released inside of the PPT, one statement is wrote: “the first Chinese to use smart glasses”. For such description, I can only say, huaqiang north products smile again.

3, about the price

single from lenovo smart glasses 8000 yuan of positioning, is “honest” many tens of thousands of yuan of Google glasses, but eight thousand pieces for Chinese consumers to buy electronic products is a small number? We can accept the lenovo computer products market of China and the United States a big price difference, but the “conscience” American imperialists and don’t put the spending power of Chinese people think too optimistic.

more netizens think: “this price is too amazing, learn the somebody else Google, didn’t learn technology, the price is learned. Gen xuan glasses of domestic existing entrepreneurs in the raise time calling, prices of less than 800.”

4, about positioning

lenovo develop intelligent glasses, investigate its reason, nothing more to treat the future is the embodiment of intelligent industry outlook uncertain, even for smartphone pillar industry, lenovo has seen in the early days mobile phones department impermanence of buy and sell, as for the intelligent glasses, looks is not the market need, but the lenovo brand needs.

in simple terms, is as the first PC industry leader, lenovo urgently need a “tall” products in the intelligent industry brush out of existence, do some “face project”, perhaps for a no core technology reserves, lenovo has been very good, but there is no guidance in the right direction, finally will only make a technology giant again missed the market opportunity.

5, about the questions

in lenovo’s conference, has claimed M100 approximately is his own Vuzix company cooperation with the United States, it’s a bit odd. Lei feng has questioned: “maybe, before formally opened to the pre-sale M100 approximately, lenovo has been in contact with the team? Or is the cooperation between them, the more is based on the software, and system level?”

if it’s the latter, M100 approximately from the outset with Android, lenovo at most is to fix the system ROM change, such as change system language to Chinese, adding their own app store, and software.

if the inference was set up, can you understand it, lenovo modify Vuzix M100 approximately system, then add about 2000 RMB to domestic users? Here is not completely deny the value of software localization, but all of a sudden increase so much, how can they said a vice President of “conscience”?

at this point, the lenovo smart glasses also reminds the author of the liu issued a lenovo Phone, so-called seconds kill the iPhone, lenovo also Mr ZhuoGang started his followers at that time, only then stops, the development of the mobile is not good; The intelligence of the glasses and routers, air purifier, illustrates the association to carry out the first step in the field of smart home, but if the predict lenovo will succeed in the field of smart home, it is too early.