Lenovo’s Internet operation of thinking, launch a platform for the Internet of things “new bench”

(word/qing nan)

in the way of the transition from the PC to the Internet, lenovo as a significant step again.

formally opened to the launch platform for Internet “lenovo today – lenovo NBD (New Business Development, the nickname” bench “), and issued the platform “incubator” of the first three innovative smart glasses, intelligent air purifier and intelligent router.

as lenovo brand new business units, NBD location to do the iot pioneers, will be focused on in recent years the rapid development of Internet of things, mainly in the field of smart home, intelligent wearable power. NBD’s launch is lenovo to explore the first step in the Internet business model, the core is to use “user thinking + innovation” to build platform. Current department by association, vice President of white to stand for, and will report to lenovo senior vice President Chen.

although lenovo has gradually taken the birth of a new project to encourage internal incubation way, but this platform to attract peripheral entrepreneurs also is the first time. It overturns the lenovo internal product development mechanism for many years, now is to attract more and with the aid of external r&d resources to the new platform, also put forward such as supply chain, channel, and a new test of the original.

field, according to Chen NBD will adopt flexible approaches such as equity participation, collaboration, set up a joint project team and even set up a joint venture to carry out.

for the intelligent hardware of entrepreneurs, usually with innovative product ideas, but in hardware development, production and processing, market development, sales channels, service system and so on all need from zero, and the effect is not necessarily the best. In this regard, lenovo has obvious advantages, on the platform of NBD, lenovo will open hardware, software development, design and manufacture of cloud services, quality control and service system, supply chain management, marketing, sales and channels, and to provide users with leading market of intelligent product achieve win-win.

in lenovo, NBD patterns in addition to will make some money on hardware, the future will be in the cloud services, cash flow, investment and other ways to create profit model. It is understood that lenovo’s NBD platform products be used by the cloud service support.

smart glasses, intelligent air purifier and intelligent router is lenovo NBD platform “incubator” out of the first batch of products.

among them, the intelligent glasses, a total of two paragraphs are respectively for industry users M100 approximately and New Glass of ordinary consumers, by lenovo Vuzix company with the United States and cloud kilter company cooperation development.

three smart air purifier LUFTMED D300, LUFTMED D600 and new air X330, together to jointly launched by lenovo and Germany LUFTMED company, which owns TFT screen, can be real-time display parameters and air filter usage; At the same time, it can use the cloud and mobile phone to realize communication, let users in thousands of miles away can also to the cloud operation of air purifier, air control home anytime and anywhere.

smart router newifi is association and chengdu science and technology company effort to develop, in addition to the basic performance outstanding, it also has the ceng nets, fishing three prevention function, prevent online fraud. In terms of signal transduction, newifi with four signal amplifier, comprehensive support signal automatic adjustment, high speed, strong signal and stable characteristics.

in addition to three new innovative products, NBD online platform (NewBD.com) is also officially launched on the same day. This platform has the product introduction, B2C sales and fan community three modules.

smart router newifi on July 25 in NBD online platform “0 yuan limited public beta”, listed at 199 yuan. Smart glasses M100 approximately $8000 yuan, will be on July 31 in NBD version “developer” open to booking online platform; Three smart air purifier (new air X330 LUFTMEDD300/LUFTMED D600) price respectively is 1999 yuan, 4800 yuan, 8800 yuan, will begin on August 18, open to booking.