LG: future TV will be as thin as paper Can also be rolled up

on July 12, perhaps after a few years, we are able to roll up with the TV set, like rolled-up newspaper now travel. LG display launched a paper-thin 18 inches of the prototype of the television, it can be rolled into the cylindrical, makes the TV a portable products.

this kind of TV set nearly 1 million pixel screen, can be rolled into the cylindrical, 2.4 inches in diameter and will not affect the hd display. LG said, the TV screen does not use traditional “plastic”, but used the polyimide film, this material can greatly reduce the thickness of the screen, at the same time enhance the toughness of the screen.

in addition to the folding screen, LG also shows a transparent panel, it can through the LCD display presents more than it is now clear picture quality. LG said, according to the current technology, they can produce more than 50 inches screen flexible TV screen. LG believe that by 2017, the company will produce 60 inches high clear, transparent, flexible TV set. (David Beckham)

source: tencent technology