Li may experience: at 7 o ‘clock direction is the most important

cloud network: hunting li may have already known as a representative of the 80 after the success of the venture overseas, the 25-year-old billionaire youth, is a real serial entrepreneur, from the family of the bubble to car home, li xiang entrepreneurship have any feeling. This article to share li xiang published experience at seven o ‘clock. For readers reference.

the author: li xiang

“a lot of people are most interested in is the young people how entrepreneurship, how to develop. In fact, in my opinion, whether it is their own business or work, difference is not big, the key is how to do, how little detours. Li xiang took out his accumulation of entrepreneurship and the development of the seven points to share with you: direction, target, intention, method, results, perseverance, self observation.

1. Direction.
Is the first important indicator of entrepreneurship and development direction, is why do you want to fight. Direction of direction is not a goal, the goal is an end, and never end. For young people and entrepreneurs, the direction is very important. Say again a little bit ugly, even our own stupid, as long as adherence to the one in the right direction, insisted, will obtain good results. With the direction, the goal will be more clear, also can be more effective to management goals.

2. The target.
When we have the direction, is the most important is not to grasp the method, but the first clear objectives. I found that college graduates can be divided into two kinds: one kind is learning is goal-oriented, these people in the school four years, in addition to normal learning, will revolve around their goals to learn and improve, so, this kind of special use for college students, as long as the willingness to work is high enough, can quickly into for first-class staff; Is another type of finished college has no goal, in order to go to school and go to school, they have come to the interview also don’t know what to do, just what he wants to do work, or simply sit and ask HR arrange what job can you give me? We don’t 100% in the second category of college students, since the cost of training is too high. So, I suggest that college students, give yourself a little earlier to find a goal, in the club after the meeting, you can at least two years earlier than other people into the right track.

3. Intend to.
With the direction and goal, is the most important is not immediately to find methods, but to solve the problem of their will, intention is a personal paying a line drive the determination in order to achieve the goal.
We often say that people want to have pressure, but pressure and do nothing in China can find countless, only through line will become a super power, and produce results and achieve the target is valuable. So give up pressure force, into action, and action from the root causes of the will, only action can achieve your goals. When a person has a good direction, target and intend to later, he will have the basic conditions of the enterprise and to work.

4. Methods.
The method itself is not important, in order to achieve the goal and method is the most important thing. For the average person, only oneself have a strong desire to achieve the goal, is very easy to accept other people to give way, even to find methods, so to get the correct method is the premise of target and the existence of the will; And not common people, have good ability to learn and listen to, he will turn all the way to his own, in realize the target of the link to the most appropriate method to use. For managers, the management at the same time, the method will be the catalyst, the catalyst can be positive, also may be negative. Method must be in when others need, also is each other’s willingness and demand to achieve the target.

5. Perseverance.
Persistence=insist + breakthrough. Our target is made up of many small goals, small goals completed, big goals can be finished. , however, our goal is to die, because the target encounter some difficulty or obstacles, we won’t go to the finish, around it, and then hope to find more new goals to achieve big goals. So, look good in front of goal is enough, use your willpower to overcome difficulties and obstacles, adhere to and break through! Slowly, you will have the ability to achieve the goal, and it is entirely due to your perseverance.

6. Results.
Is the most exciting results, not process. Results marks you already have the ability to achieve goals, also means that you can go to challenge the higher goal.

7. Self observation.
We too much time in process and cannot extricate oneself, can not find the problem. If can not find the problem, you will lost, certainly not achieve the results. So you need to self. I made a simple tool, will anything of simplified as: target – process – as a result, for a goal, the problem will appear in the process, so you don’t feel quite right, use this tool to judge yourself right now, I have to process to achieve goals are consistent with me, where is the problem? To judge whether ongoing process is consistent with the target, whether it is the best process, can produce results? So the problem will find out.

“it 7 points, is my accumulation of entrepreneurship. What need reminds is, can these points is not equal to success, but there is the possibility to succeed, can’t do this, there is no chance of success.”