Li qi recruit entrepreneurship: entrepreneurs have to look forward vision for two years

hunting cloud network (note: recent baidu market caused the attention of entrepreneurs, as baidu, robin li for entrepreneurship has a lot of comprehension, published in 2010, hunting cloud network editor share li jun, entrepreneurial action theory, seven reference for entrepreneurs.

first move forward two years

when robin li in the United States abandoned easy doctorial hat and hard work, the IT industry is the most popular e-commerce. Countless people desperate efforts to squeeze on the networks that are bullish on the train, even throw away their familiar with the industry.

li did not follow flow into e-commerce, but quietly go to the web search is few takers. Because he saw the search for the online world can produce huge impact.

li told their young man: must have an eye for forward two years. Follow suit, at all, you have probably just garbage.

the second recruit promised much less cash

“how long can complete this project?” “Six months.” “4 months ok? Give you a 50% pay.” “I’m sorry, I cannot do it.”

this is li started a conversation with a client. Later, the customer told him that for li refused, he felt very happy, because it reflects the li is a very real and sedate man, so that his products on the quality must be guaranteed.

the third recruit don’t need the money to borrow money

in the process of entrepreneurship, “money around the world, an empty sack cannot stand upright” is the irrefutable truth. Silicon valley in the United States, a company every day because of the risk investment and the first set, every day also have shut down because of the cash-strapped companies. Li believes that must be in time don’t need the money to investors seeking to invest.

a year half a year’s time to do things, this is Mr. Li’s style. So that half of the money, he thought, still in their own master. In such a situation to investors to borrow money, you will be in an impregnable position. Because “if unable to borrow, my company will not collapse immediately”.

“don’t the initiative to the investors, and no one will be in the process of entrepreneurial benevolent.” Li told entrepreneurial youth, “be sure to when it is not lack of money to lend to the next need the money.”

the fourth recruit scattered customer

at the beginning of the entrepreneurs, because entrepreneurs often have a fixed users and smile more than. “Maybe soon just want to cry to cry not to come out.” Mr. Li said.

as soon as he return home business, the company is mainly in the service of several major portal. This a few big web sites occupied more than 10% of the company’s revenues, the loss of any one customer, will cause great impact to the benefit of the company. “Destiny can only be in our own hands, can’t control in the hands of others.”

five recruit don’t pursue profit prematurely

prematurely profit is greatly reduced spending on technology. Li believes that an innovative company, must need a massive investment in technology. In this way can make oneself on the technology has been in a leading even monopoly status. The leading enterprise engaging in the future will bring great rewards. Sacrificing enterprise long-term interests announced profits, it is not rational behavior.

six recruit focus his field

from the company was established in 1999 to now, the Internet world passage, “network game” “SMS platform” have a strong, a lot of people get ahead, earn rich; Many people follow suit, also fall off the wall. Mr. Li said he is doing only one thing: the search.

he said many people are encouraged to online games, text messages, and other fields, but Mr. Li has failed to do so. In his eyes, his own company, own field and deep potential, can tap your current to do is to search this domain appeared unceasingly. “In the next several years, baidu will also only in the search field.” Mr. Li said.

7 recruit passionate

a process of innovation, is definitely not a smooth process. If there is not enough love and passion, entrepreneurs will be difficult to stick to it. So, li said to young entrepreneurs, first make sure you are on the cause of the love and passion, and then start a business.

“I’m not completely without considering the factors of money, but I always believe: in today’s society, as long as you give the society a good product, the society will give you more in return.”