Li Wanjiang share dry: millet do since the media success is based on four points

in today’s social media, prone to today, millet technology is known to be walked in advance of The Times, with the channel such as weibo, micro letter have captured a large number of users. Millet co-founder and vice President of science and technology in the summer training camp in yesterday’s media summit to share the understanding of the media and the operation experience, is a super dry, reference for the industry.

he believes that every company will become the media, the media is not a field, but the main battleground, every company should let oneself become a quick transition from media. Millet is how to do it? Four core content:

the first point, every company is from the media, in this relationship as soon as the definition of strategic layer, it must be as a key battleground.

the second point, is to do service first, to do marketing.

the third point, every day, every day’s headlines.

the fourth point, let employees to be fans, for fans to become employees.

the following for Li Wanjiang speech activity:

good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, just heard Mr Hu in the media and the time, said everyone in the Internet today is very care about now, I just in the mind think of a word is fragmentation. Because today from spreading, today is an era of social media, actually everybody give a lot of information are fragmented, fragmentation everyone’s time.

from the marketing point of view, the transformation of new marketing, I’d like to give you the advice is that each company is from the media, every company should let oneself become a quick transition from media, this is a point I want to share with you today.

because today, the era of the Internet era is a word of mouth choose products, we in the past more than a year, a lot of people are talking about “Internet” thinking, concentration, extreme, word of mouth, fast, word of mouth is the most important. In the past, before the Internet, there is also a word-of-mouth, the most typical word-of-mouth scenario is a barber shop, vegetable market, Boyle square dancing… Everyone to KanShan, say what I’m inside buy a TV is good, he is wearing shoes is quite good, this is a very typical place for the spread of word of mouth. In the moment you recommend, you are a very trusted friend’s recommendation.

but word of mouth spread all inside the circle at that time, don’t to go to the spread of the big circle when it is easy to break off, today the whole WeChat, weibo social media like this, make the whole of the spread of word-of-mouth information chain speed up one hundred times, one thousand times, the extended range is big, is that really is a good product, have a good story, it spread instantly. Most of the time is not a problem considering whether to interrupt it, a lot of negative news you delete all deleted.

today, I think to be from the media, because behind the information transmitted to change, the core is today really is very dependent on believed to word of mouth to spread the products.

split brain, not today’s information communication is to sneak into the brain, in the classic positioning theory says that everyone in choosing a product, will select a category first, before doing marketing SanBanFu inside, you have to do a successful marketing, first to define a new category, define a new category, from the red sea in a market, you can quickly use advertising to bombing, concentrated burst. You see a lot of cases are like that. Add much treasure, herbal tea category, afraid lose it with much treasure, is a new category of herbal tea. It is also a new category, including functional drinks recently there is a well-known brand “grass”, Chinese caterpillar fungus to grinding, actually this sentence itself defines a new category, the time of this recommendation is to use the intensity of advertising bombardment you, but this way today are local tyrants.

today, everyone in the information, it is embedded, everybody want to be able to more habit is that I can see you every day. Just now, Mr Hu said, people pay more attention to is the story rather than slogans. All hope is through the story of dribs and drabs constantly infiltration, who will produce this story? Before we all rely on advertising company, outsourcing is a pure creative and marketing, you will find a good marketing is often first to choose a slogan, who mastered the channel, I’ll use channels intensive bombing, is such a process.

today you can see we are in the process of doing, each company will direct his slogan, we define is born to have a fever, but we in advance for the concept of a fever, every day we didn’t speak pure kept Shouting “born to fever”, but said more exchanges in different occasions is concerned, we are on the performance of a geek spirit is sensitive to performance. You will find that we have done a lot of a lot of fever and under the guidance of transmission, it will be a lot of the fragmentation of the story.

by the advertising company, before I choose a case finished half a year, a year after the failure, if today you produce information every day, if does not have its own internal team to do the content doesn’t work. To become the media, we as corporations, we do marketing rather than advertising in the content.

I offer some my ideas below:

first, make the company become the media, it must be the core strategy of a company, it should not be tasted, tend to form a from media content operations team, its cycle and the cost is very high, and its visibility is often, you may spend twenty million to cast a advertising, he could see the effect immediately, but you have to build a more often have enough combat capability since the media team needs two years, three years, when the company is how to think, from the organizational structure and strategy to define who to do the media.

second, do the media do service to do marketing, it is the starting point of two different, for the enterprise, I just want to do marketing, you to buy my things, but for the user how to think? I do a research field, everybody’s most like coke or Pepsi? Field hands a lot of people choose Coca-Cola, that how many among you are concerned about the coke’s weibo? Micro enterprises are doing marketing says you should pay attention to my letter, you want to listen to me pour out every day, all day said I want to be tall, but for the user, even though I love to drink coke, perhaps I also like to eat KFC, but you never want to pay attention to Coca-Cola, but the enterprise is often thought of it like that.

you might pay attention to what? Recommended if not forced or activity, do you want to focus on an enterprise or a product’s weibo, 99% are thinking about go to the trouble, I want you to service me. Such as mobile phone manufacturer, we will pay attention to the first thought when I check the express how, how complaints… Many of them are based on service driven.

doing marketing must have a enough to Pierce it, must be the first to do service to do marketing, real users are focus on you rather than focus on what you water-forces, must want to do first in the service, I’m in micro the letter how convenient let users self-service, how on weibo I have very good promotion information push to him, this definition is very important.

, for example: this is our two pieces of information on number WeChat public open rate, millet on WeChat public number nearly 6 million fans, the first open rate is 45%, the second is 15%, in the past, 45% of millet depreciate sales promotion information, the second is the activity of m 2 related information.

operations in the past for such a long time, generally, all information related to products, whether it’s me or say we have a new product release, or is added a beautiful MIUI is the function of the assassin’s mace, users open rate is only about 50%, and 70% higher, but if you do, or farther from the products of the activity, may be even less than 5%, but 5% is already very high number. On micro letter platform is a taboo to do marketing, if do service, an important product information today has 6 million users, each message if he opened the 50%, the news of my open rate is 3 million, this itself is a valuable channel.

we today in the BBS, micro bo, micro letter, space and stick have formed the corresponding operations team, our team has nearly 70 people, really doing content is 20%, 80% is a customer service. Today, in all of the new platform from the operation of the media content, there is a simple, is to do the service well, today we’re in each platform, weibo, micro letter has specially developed customer service background, have corresponding response time index, on weibo to response within 15 minutes, how to response on micro letter, has a very detailed for corresponding evaluation index on the customer service, 80% are doing service.

the third proposal, the headlines every day, because today is too fragmented information, all information are ordered by the timeline, if you don’t every day, every day’s headlines, everyone’s your grinding, much good news all escape but for three days, so how to get the team every day from all kinds of latitude to STH over and over again, every day’s headlines.

I’m going to see a few simple example, millet exactly what to do.

this is our earliest in sina weibo do a millet youth version, from this chart we can see is the core strategy, because our partners are collective show MOE, is a kind of frenzied show MOE, it must be our strategy.

this is our article posted a notice in the dining hall, is itself at that time very fire you from the stars, we put a notice in the dining hall, today is a finale, no matter what happened, we are ready to eat, please beer and chicken leg.

this is a little famous call box brothers, had to millet mobile phone quality is very good, work attitude is very serious, we can say our packaging is very sturdy, spent a lot of work to do, the generation of packing box please stood a fat man, the second generation invited two fat men standing on it. Including later on the web is very harmonious, there are a lot of net friend of PS.

we now new media team filmed a homemade drama, put three episodes, each episode in the absence of promotion, have millions of broadcast, a recent episode of nearly 3 million play, it is in his own fun. We made a no flash in the inside of the beautiful MIUI beautiful MIUI version called millet system, took a video can see you.

through this video we want to tell you, we are doing a lot of communication, your conception can be very high, but in fact you how to “go big”, talking people is very important.

talking people on this topic, I have a little experience, want their employees to be fan of their employees if without your product, do not love their products, he is hard to communicate and express exactly how good this product. Even you can make the most of our fans become employees today, millet teams, regardless of market, research and development and test, customer service, we are a lot of fan, recruited from a BBS, how are you able to at the time of transmission of deconstruction, really want to find people who know their product is key.

today I share is that several views:

the first point, every company is from the media, in this relationship as soon as the definition of strategic layer, it must be as a key battleground.

the second point, is to do service first, to do marketing.

the third point, every day, every day’s headlines.

the fourth point, let employees to be fans, for fans to become employees.