Library of reverse thinking, based on large data play menu business

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if the traditional recipe APP basically meets the requirements of users to cook, but when he saw the flavour library APP, you will feel it solved more life needs more intelligent. Flavour library is not only a recipe APP, but also a can teach you to improve cooking gourmet cooking “artifact” teaching, to help you cook a meal intelligent “kitchen assistant”.

the first look at the company background. Flavour library micro coko affiliated with Beijing technology co., LTD., by the sun’s spokesman Gu Dongjun founded at the end of 2013, the original gold map navigation mobile business group vice President zhang served as the company’s CTO, original gourmet cooking magazines “shell too kitchen” national sales director if the sea is responsible for the marketing and marketing. Flavour library APP in February in the APP Store, the android version launched in May. So far the android version user downloads has reached more than 40.

what product flavour library follows the logic and formed the recipe App on the market to distinguish? Flavour library CTO zhang said in an interview with cloud network hunting, taste is not intended to be a recipe APP, product logical way, in contrast to the traditional recipe APP completely, namely reverse thinking, from the perspective of users, according to the user to provide ingredients, kitchen electrical, automatically generate recipes, interaction with the user.

with the menu just taste library of a basic services, to achieve the user primitive accumulation. By scanning or even more important is that it requires the user to manually enter kitchen electrical, spices and ingredients, and then by the system automatically recommend various recipes combination, in the long term, flavour library is to track user preferences data, based on big data technology to achieve intelligent matching.

we’ll look at flavour library product features:

1, the scanning device to obtain the corresponding cooking methods. Whether you’re in the kitchen or in a supermarket, sweep out as long as the ingredients, kitchen electrical or condiment bar code on the outer packing, can obtain the corresponding recommended recipe, use method, etc.

2, combined with user requirements combination recipes. When you face when the kitchen is a wide variety of ingredients at a loss, as long as the open library APP, the food in the refrigerator, kitchen appliances and spices added to the application of “my kitchen”, taste library can according to its home in the kitchen, intelligent combination recommended recipe you can do right now.

3, remind food shelf life. New food bar code input by manual or sweeping flavour library after “my kitchen”, users can rest assured, flavour library will record and remind user the shelf life of all kinds of ingredients.

4, good housekeeper in the kitchen. When a user long-term use of library management kitchen and search recipes, flavour library will become more and more “understand you”, can according to your taste preferences, habits and your family and health body, intelligent recommendation from healthy breakfast every day to creative dinner seasonal recipe, to better manage the kitchen and planning for the whole family a healthy diet.

this can be seen that the product is not only broke the one-way recipe class application present situation of search results, more let users can make full use of the existing ingredients and kitchen electric, gourmet cooking. And, more importantly, it can track user behavior, from the beginning, which solved the menu class taste application the commercialization of the problem have been outstanding.

at present, the smell of library is still in the early stage of the product at the unprofitable stage, the accumulation of the most main users. Flavour library existing user groups are divided into two categories, one is the university graduate’s white users, basic have no cooking background; Second, about 30 people, has the certain background of cooking, and to pursue higher dietary needs.

according to zhang, the current mainstream taste library are women, still exist among potential users of men, with the development of the Internet and social networking platform, the future is likely to set off the potential demand. Next, flavour library plans to increase the UGC services, increase the recipes social platform, let users better interaction. On the business model to explore the future, will consider including advertising, buy electricity, brand exposure.

at this point, the search complexity of data integrity, bar code specifications and popularity affects flavour to the further development of the library. Ingredients such as kitchen electric packaging must be gb code, bar code named as supermarkets can not, vegetable market doesn’t have a bar code, all of this brings the user much inconvenience.

“we want to make young people go home to cook, this makes sense and social value. At present, there is no a recipe APP, including flavour library can do it, but we will continue in the direction of the efforts, once one day flavour library happened some role, I feel it a success.” Zhang ning finally concluded.

flavour library
Time: in May 2014,
Company: Beijing micro coko technology co., LTD.

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