Like alipay, iOS 8 scanning identification card and fill out automatically

user familiar with alipay estimates for its type in the code scanning of bank CARDS operations already no stranger. Now, in Safari iOS8 also has the function of this, users don’t have to manually enter the account, it is good to take a picture to carry equipment directly.

in shopping, for example. At present, the function of auto filling Safari has been able to let the user choose to fill in the account information quickly, iOS8, Safari can automatically identify usage scenarios, pop-up option prompt the user “whether above the keyboard scan credit card”. If the user to determine the scan, Safari will bring up the camera photograph scanning, and then by OCR optical character recognition techniques to text information, fill in the form.

at the WWDC, Safari can also be one of the main focus on OS X Yosemite platform design, again on the iOS system allows the user to log in the computer version of the web page, rather than the default into the mobile version, on the platform to provide tablet interface and so on.

more information on new features, please look forward to the follow-up report ~

Via: 9 to 5 MAC