Line plan fully into the Chinese market this year: to establish a local team

the Wall Street journal reported that mobile message application Line plan to move to China later this year. Line will build the local team in China, development content and function, so as to further develop China, the world’s largest mobile market.

Line business development director Jiang Xuan Pin said: “China is a strategic, extremely interesting market. The next two years, China will have hundreds of millions of new smart phone users. China is our target market.”

in Asia, mobile communication fair Jiang Xuan Pin declined to say how many employees will be recruiting in China, but said the local team will focus on the communication with the user, and the development localization services.

Line is South Korea Internet portal Naver’s mobile news service. The service launched in 2011, has more than 400 million registered users worldwide, is WhatsApp and WeChat rivals.

Line currently provides various services, and through the mobile game sales revenue from virtual goods and virtual expression. Last year, the Line revenue reached $510 million (the original data was $5.1 billion, according to data released by the Line, however, the 2013 fiscal year the total revenue of 51.8 billion yen, or about $510 million), far higher than $20 million in WhatsApp. Sources said that the company plans to launch the first listed in Tokyo this fall, and to raise funds will be used to develop overseas business.

analysts believe that the Line it is not easy to develop the Chinese market, in more than 300 million active users of micro letter in a leading position in the Chinese market at present. IDC analysts sepher, just (Shiv Putcha) said: “the micro letter has won the key of the majority of users, and through the first mover advantage and benefit of network effects. You know everyone in micro the letter, so why want to switch to other service?”

Jiang Xuan Pin said, the Line’s interest in China began at the end of 2012, when the Line has begun to study local user preferences and industry development in China. In order to promote the development of the market in China, the Line plan large-scale promotional activities, and to provide customized services to Chinese users. Jiang Xuan Pin believes that the user’s interaction with China will be the key to open the market. Line plan creator “market” service in China, allowing the user to the independent design expression, and the Line will share expressions with producers of sales revenue.

in addition, the Line is also planning to launch a service characteristics for Chinese customers. For example, considering the popularity of the Korean entertainment culture in China, the company has passed the Korean stars in the TV series to promote Line smartphone applications.

Jiang Xuan Pin said: “after the broadcast television, the Line’s downloads a substantial growth in China. The user wants to share emotion of Korean stars.” In addition, the company custom-made expression in the popular Korean dramas help to attract users in China.

he said at the same time, the Chinese market has huge growth potential, but the content of the dispersion and distribution channel is the Line need to solve the problem. Marketing activities in the Chinese market with Mexico and other markets, in the region who used the Line localization of television advertising to promote your brand.

Jiang Xuan Pin said: “the effects of TV advertisements in China may be bad, Chinese users more used to watch the video on the Internet. Therefore, we plan sponsored by the Chinese popular video website network television and video clips to promote your brand.”

in China, the Line has launched a localized version “I”. Jiang Xuan Pin said: “I is optimized in order to better adapt to China’s environment. This will not affect the Line in the global services. The Line remains committed to provide a stable and secure mobile platform, and maintain the level of global safety standards.”

Jiang Xuan Pin said at the same time, later this year, the Line will mobile shopping service from Japan to other Asian markets, but he refused to give further details. In order to earn more through mobile business, the company also plans to strengthen the payment services, in order to ensure better shopping experience.

Jiang Xuan Pin pointed out that the Line does not rule out through acquisitions to expand the scale of operations.