Local tyrants liu: earn one year 34 billion that don’t call to make money (with milk tea MM latest photo)

I’m not a title party, this is liu in marketing and training for all adopt pin tonight conference said. Listed on 22 May, this is the first time.

the author: bigger grew

the first liu with plenty of space about his anathema to internal corruption and fake goods. For internal corruption, affirmation is a zero tolerance attitude. He talked about a startup with his employees, because covet interest, he fired. He said if the man can always diligent in working until now, get wealth even willing to spend a year a also have to spend more than one hundred years. His eyebrows. Don’t try to walk crooked ways, work steadfast, wealth will not far away from you.

and a few days ago jingdong was selling fake oil complaints event caused liu on high alert. He throws a question, is thinking of the value of jingdong banter to ali: “jingdong if too fake, that with Tmall taobao what is the difference? The existence of jingdong and what value?” Jingdong started with proprietary, direct supply are brands, brands is never supply fake self-destruction of the Great Wall. So long jingdong commodity quality is guaranteed. But after introducing POP open platform, especially now receives the clap nets, third-party merchants into commodity quality guarantee of getting harder. In order to ensure the long-term accumulation of jingdong brand reputation, according to liu, the next is expected to merchants do harsh crackdown on to a third party. Who found selling fake goods, closed shop is the first step, and through other means, such as contract, let merchants have to lose everything even to criminal liability to pay compensation. Through greatly increase the cost of stores selling fake goods, jingdong to put an end to fake goods to a great extent. At the same time, related to selling fake goods stores docking marketing personnel, not promotion raise within a year, through the collective responsibility system, promote internal investment promotion personnel store to a third party audit. This is a good ideal, of course, will carry out specific how just wait and see.

liu thinks that the future can bring huge profits to jingdong or proprietary trading. Don’t look at ali’s gross profit margin can reach more than seventy percent, net profit margin can reach more than forty percent, but that’s just serve as base with ali’s revenue. If divided by ali a year turnover, net profit margin of only one percent. Ebay is similar. And with the domestic law of gradually perfect, the future electricity would inevitably be VAT and other taxes, and platform type electrical contractor start to lose the price advantage. And electricity suppliers to keep the user experience, coupled with jingdong, self-built logistics can make “ten day sugarcane theory” in the second half of the profit. Stop trading platform type electric business. I think it is jack ma, saw the value of logistics and rookie network to do it.

“earn billions of net profit is money brothers,” said liu not so heroic, “SanSiShiGe billion a year can make money?” The nature of the local tyrants in.

maybe liu has certain tuyere, just waiting for the wind to blow, became the first pig was blown up.

haha, as only a little above the meeting record, actually paying more attention to the venue is the girl sitting in the first row, drink to drink.