Local tyrants note! Tesla currently has built three stations in the country

the local tyrants, especially in Beijing and Shanghai, want to buy tesla’s local tyrants, don’t worry about buying a car charger is not on the electricity. At present, tesla has built three stations in the country. Two among them, Shanghai, Beijing, China.

tesla working principle of the charging station

Tesla (Tesla) super charger represents the world’s most advanced technology, it is the Model S charging far faster than the speed of most of the charging station. Just 20 minutes can half full of electricity, and electricity is free. It by special cable around vehicle charging equipment, dc input directly to the battery.

choose to use covered with solar panels awnings charging stations, both can offset the energy and shading. In the next few years, we are planning more charging stations in a sunny spot construction, using solar awnings, do we have a commitment to protect the environment.

unlike in gas station need to pay, after proper configuration of the Model S can be in any open charging station free of charge. You only need to insert the car parked next to the charging station, power outlet, you can go to the bathroom or to eat fast food, a quarter of an hour or so you can hit the road again

Beijing address: Beijing hengtong jiuxianqiao road 10 business park B12D Shanghai address: China Shanghai jinqiao road 518 pudong new area in Shanghai jinqiao blue sky Geological 2: Shanghai anting town, jiading district, Shanghai expo garden road 7575

tesla charging stations worldwide distribution at present:
At present, 3

– currently 19

North America
at present – 94
From the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast trip between
2014 – will cover 80% of the U.S. population and parts of Canada
2015 – will cover 98% of the U.S. population and parts of Canada

super charging stations are in a convenient place, surrounded by the roadside restaurants, cafes and shopping centers.