Long march route again Fu Cheng: cheetah is moving in the age of 360

/wang chao wen public account exceeds the first sound (chao – xiansheng)

May 8, the cheetah move on the nyse, the stock code “CMCM, opening at $15.25, raising $200 million, more than $14 a share price rose 8.9%, trading at $14.10, $1.95 billion.

it is almost the first mobile Internet as the main products and Chinese Internet companies listed in America, it’s product is fist cheetah cleaning master, the app installed capacity of 240 million, 140 million active users, 72.9 million active users, the product is a tool for global ranking first in the Google Play application.

mobile CEO Fu Cheng, cheetah was built the foundation qihoo 360 core product 360 security guards, later with qihoo founder Zhou Hongyi conflict run away in 360, when two people to foes 360 listed even gave Fu Cheng insulting 1 yuan stocks. Later Fu Cheng to establish security companies can be cow, with the merger of jinshan, jinshan, jinshan security network, so the two old friends hometown hubei lei jun with Zhou Hongyi also have deeply issue.

why lei jun at with Zhou Hongyi war will take the unknown Fu Cheng? Fu Cheng really is a talent. Smart guy LeiJunCeng said, hubei do client software enterprises in China home, Fu Cheng the top three. Just at the beginning of the founding companies, the company named “qihoo,” zhou means “ride the tiger”, riding a tiger? On yahoo. Original zhou started as early as 3721 by yahoo acquisitions, weeks of Chinese yahoo CEO, but then make antinomy zhou, in order to fully, will establish qihoo, riding a yahoo, focus on search. But at the time before the search business behind Google, baidu search is hard to break through, qihoo into riding a tiger, didn’t think of travelling from 3721 has been followed Zhou Hongyi Fu Cheng tumultuous 360 security guards of the humble epistatic rapidly.

360 security guards is how superior? With the global pattern of PC Internet related to the Chinese habits of consumption habits.

PC Internet age, the global most computer system is system, Microsoft Windows XP unify the whole country especially in the past ten years, Windows is an open system, everyone can provide it with a software application, this creates a consequence, because too much software installed and all Windows are more with more slowly, and because of the open Windows, or a system is easy to be attacked the risky. Clean up garbage, cleaning system for system fitted with iron wall became a Windows system has enabled two naturally occurring requirements.

cleaning and safety of these two requirements, in the Chinese market is fragmented. When cleaning Windows optimization masters such as, although very popular but not small; In the security market, jinshan and jiangmin, expensive a year 100 multivariate and occupy very much computer memory and so on system resources. Two kinds of software there is a common weakness is “not” for human use, operation is extremely complex, and most of the Chinese market small white users.

360 security guards and the subsequent launch of antivirus and other products, covering the two needs, and easy to fool can operation, what is more important insight into the Chinese consumer psychology, understanding of the essence of the Internet for free, and right place, right time. Series of 360 security guards, zhou packed into Internet bosses circles, as chief executive took to the peak of life, 2012 years, also with the help of security guards the browser to the search engine’s three-stage rocket mode into the search industry, a successful search knot, then yahoo’s search business has been without a trace, yahoo China is missing.

full so big a circle about the history of the Internet and enmity, actually very want to say is the purpose of tertiary Fu Cheng approach in the cheetah move is also in the way to retrace the long march.

Google mobile Internet era dominated by the Android system with PC era very similar to Windows system of the Android’s market share is growing, eating habit apple industry chain all, iphone and IOS system is small and the elite’s turf. The base of the mobile Internet and Internet must be within the Android system. Android than Windows system more open and free, Windows system had experienced problems are now trapped but the problem of the Android system, version chaotic system is more and more slow, try very hard to read the user’s privacy, various application Android virus proliferation. Clean and safe, and once again become the mobile Internet to open the door key.

is different from the PC to the Internet, after wind and rain experiences of reaction in the era of mobile Internet companies are very quickly, companies can survive, there is two brushes, mobile Internet era of competition is a traditional time for several times. Qin has a small net at one company has cut into the safety of cellular phones, 360, tencent and baidu, Nemesis circled. Cheetah mobile launched in 2012, do not be early, and the tools have already become the standard for free.

assign Android mobile era clean and safe cheetah is how to break through? From a user experience, cheetah caught the user in the era of mobile using habit of minimalism. Recognized user experience do best 360 mobile security guards of the operation is very simple, but compared with the experience of cheetah or. In the mobile guards single breakthrough point, cheetah did your best.

the cheetah’s advantage is clean and safe achieved perfection this application, from the single point of breakthrough and then by CM Security, jinshan battery doctor tools such as APP form matrix, attracted a large number of users and mobile traffic, a vaguely mobile terminal 360 empire just visible.

basic patterns are similar, there are difference on details. The rise of 360 security guards who get free strategy, clear phone APP is all free obviously cannot use price butcher’s knife, cheetah is from the United States market, and then cut into the Chinese market.

three-stage rocket model in the mobile era may not be applicable. UC is the biggest mobile browsers now and QQ mobile browsers, master cleaning can keep out the cheetah cheetah mobile browser, or whether you should raise the mobile browser is an open question.

even if cheetahs mobile occupy the position of the Android tools eldest brother, the commercial is not tested, cashability is worth questioning. Cheetah move 2014 revenue accounted for 17% of total revenue, income or, mostly from the online advertising and Internet value-added traditional Internet business model. Although have mastered mobile traffic, mobile terminal how cash flow is still not good means, sogou and UC are now into the mobile search to liquidate user traffic, and cheetahs mobile browsers still in building, mobile search is a distant thing.