Look from e xueda, why O2O of education institutions is the trend of The Times?


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online education, traditional education institutions are trying to use different paths to cut into the macroscopic point of view, there are two schools: layout in hatch internal, external investment, etc way pure online/mobile tools, refactoring approach to learning; The other is a integrate offline content, teacher resources, improve the efficiency of operational management in O2O way. Different routes, reflecting the different thinking in the face of online education. Launch e learning, personalized counseling agencies established xueda education is the typical cases of the second school, recently held in the education of professional media know more network offline activities [them], and tells the story of e learning all men are mortal, and of twists and turns. Many of these details that can help you to understand why more and more traditional education institutions favored O2O train of thought.

the following content according to the speech jinxin finishing:

e learn prelude: PPTS solve process management, tried to outsourcing

hello, I am learning big education jinxin, thank you very much for the invitation more hownet. In such a stage of the big share in the exploration and thinking on some of the online education.

online education occupies our field of vision in these two years. New model and project emerge in endlessly, like a traditional education will overnight. All the practitioners of traditional education have a sense of anxiety. To tell the truth this speed faster than we thought, how to deal with challenges of online education and change, has become to our table is a very important problem. But there are many kinds of direction of online education, there are many paths, which path to choose according to their own characteristics of the business to decide, rather than simply to imitate, to copy.

in fact, as early as in ’04, learn basic outline introduced personalized education, can we just want to and the Internet, and technology combined with different scheme is designed. Finally chose a relatively easy to do, because it was the technical conditions, technical reserves, application environment, including the strength is not enough to support the whole company. Xueda personalized business, based on students as the center, all the teaching about students to organize, if (technology) cut directly to the content and the teaching link, to be honest this is a deep pit. We were made to the process, first do a set of business management system, called PPTS system. This is a relatively simple, but the real touch of teaching (part) of the kernel haven’t through the way of technology, the problem troubling us haven’t really been solved. But such a form of business process standardization, has enough support to learn large replication and expanded throughout the country.

when the 08, we use the technology or the online way to solve the idea of teaching content, teaching process on the agenda. But the technology on the market at that time were limited, our technical team is not very strong, so I hope to find some partners from outside, then called adaptive learning, according to the behavior of students automatic judgment, the next solution is given. Behind this algorithm is very important. We are looking for a company, it has a corresponding algorithm, but they said algorithm cannot open to us, can only be encapsulated to the server, let’s call. But we want to, if we don’t know what the algorithm logic is, will not be able to ensure it is correct and scientific, effectively guide the students’ learning and teachers teaching, so you may as well give up.

how to quickly reuse offline resources? Crowdsourcing is a good idea

for two years, I feel compelled to set out to do it, because when learning offline networks have big shop is very big, the national LiuQiShiGe cities, hundreds of learning center, every year thousands of students, the teacher also has more than ten thousand. Although we also have the research team support, but the statistics are lagging, it is to rely on artificial, rather than the help of the system. We want to get offline every teaching behavior management, rather than based on the dependence on the teacher individual (experience), in this volume, we must think of some way to do this.

the things to do, learn Outlines several close: technology, system development, resources construction, application level. Each level is very difficult, but we need to find ways. The first level is technology, almost resolved in 2012. Because through years of accumulation, database development, mobile Internet has been very perfect. The other from the Internet company, IT please a lot of very top experts help us to design the system. Probably in 2012, with half a year the basic go through the process of the system.

the second is the development, system development is a continuous process, the sustained effort is inevitable. At first we have a technical team of nearly one hundred people, from which we picked out the ten people lean team, dedicated to the development of e learning, our internal call X, X on the one hand, on behalf of the study, on the other hand represent it is unclear, I hope it can provide various may learn great development in the future. Development team has grown, from a dozen people to more than 30 people, finally the page, database, and all aspects of the relationship are made, at this moment is the beginning of 2013.

the next to the resource construction, technical play, the most important still is resources, the whole teaching process must be added a lot of resources. Resource construction is very difficult, learn how to make larger (the products) must be facing the whole country. Now there are more than ten textbook version of the national mainstream, more than twenty, college entrance examination examination is numerous, so the products cover the capacity is very very big, but had to do, so as to meet the needs of the offline all the teachers and students.

at the beginning of 2013, we selected the odd change in total in all the subjects from the national teacher, concentrated in Beijing, according to the teaching material around the version, made the first wave of resource construction. Including all kinds of exams, we tag, sources, types, etc., do the secondary processing. Many questions are paper, need to scan, the digital input, have a plenty of Word version, need to writing system, the workload is very big. In addition to the title, and course, for each question, and of knowledge behind it, we need to do, including the text analysis and video analysis, investment is very big.

in this process, we took a coincidence, do the contract, such as for junior middle school physics of 20 points, to 200 the lecture, we learned in the national general contract awarding department, host competition video course, every teacher can record, after we choose to put the winner into the system, the teacher give some subsidies. This activity obtained the national teacher of the response, set up in half a year to cover all the knowledge question and explain, with very few real resources, to launch the offline more than ten thousand teachers.

we discuss internally, said that if we are an Internet company, it is difficult to do this, want to get the support of more than ten thousand teachers, could be millions or even tens of millions of money, but for xueda, these teachers are stock resources. Do a series of tens of thousands or ten yuan bonuses, can mobilize many resources to help us to enrich the content. By the end of 2013, after the concentration of resource development and the national system of crowdsourcing, database has reached 4.5 million problem, the interpretation of more than ten thousand questions, there are twenty thousand teaching case.

the teaching case is the teacher teaching in line with the content of every class, every teacher in the face of different teaching content is different, but there may be 50 percentage is common, if there is no system support will be the presence of large amounts of the waste of efficiency, even in quality. We hope that by e learning, let the teacher lesson plans uploaded to the system, other teachers across the country as you can see and use. We give the teacher a integral mechanism, if you upload the lesson plans will be used by the more people, points will be more and more, in the promotion, evaluation and salary will have some help, this will arouse the enthusiasm of a lot of good teachers, the original possession of some resources. Now that we have almost 20000 lesson plans, covering the whole country each grade all subjects.

how to promote the teacher students to use? Pack the benefit mechanism

the next level is applied, this I think is the most difficult. After all, technology and development, including resources construction, we spend money, invest time, as long as can be, but is not able to make the national tens of thousands of teachers and ten students in every day? This is a very big challenge. This aspect we begin from the fourth quarter of 2013, up to now has been advancing. Be very tough. Anything that a new push to a line, a lot of the time is not a line personnel to understand, because we need to change the pattern of their behavior, to increase their extra workload, such as the original is not used to the system in the selected topic, homework, upload and use of lesson plans, but now I want to add some workload.

the teacher’s behavior habits don’t change to come over, he still use the traditional way in teaching, no use e to learn, it brings us a big trouble and resistance, but we still think it is a direction, not to do so, it’s hard to do with the system and the technical way to realize the teaching track and the guarantee of the teaching effect, so to strengthen the very big strength. For example, if you don’t need to learn in class, e may promotion will be affected, even no promotion; Including class fees, such as the original 100 pieces of each classroom hour, in the big e learn after giving you 120 yuan. We put a lot of interests mechanism, promote the teachers to use.

this is a process, just like we originally used to pen to write, he got out of the computer is not adapt to, because want to learn the input method. But once the application may be without it, believe you are electronic entry at ordinary times, rarely with writing.

the teacher, too, once accustomed to feel this system is very nice, he managed to student’s teaching effect, the preparation efficiency has improved; Students, too, began to don’t adapt to, slowly found or helpful. Now has more than 80% of the great teachers are already using, and with the good, the proportion of students are smaller than the number, the process is in constant penetration.

so I think it really choose what kind of direction, must be with the main business, big choice is to use online learning method, the Internet technology to improve and enhance our offline business, rather than suddenly to do a new thing, I think that is not suitable for to us. Each organization’s resources, capital, human is limited, what’s the point must make clear, so we chose a for offline business more competitive, differentiation, improve the efficiency of such a way, I think we are still in a relatively doing the correct direction, this road is certainly more bumpy, but as e learn when we release said, willing to do for the whole industry in the progress of this exploration, this experience also willing to share with you more. Online education, we point of view, is actively embrace this change, and find their own direction, suitable for their own path, thank you.

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