Look from netease news netease opportunities for mobile Internet

hunting cloud network on August 8,

media coverage, listen to the love of sa beining, speech, watch what Ada coquetry, salon party, looking to the future together. An APP conference not only imitated the jobs mode, but also pulled into the “entertainment” explosive “event” of science and technology elements, club for the conference is very seriously. Yes, this is the conference netease news client 4.0.

for mobile Internet vigorous, “BAT small three” five was often used as a template, and once as one of the three largest portal netease, but it is more and more embarrassing – have been unable to have a mobile phone app between users in the formation of popularization. Everything is not as good as people even sina has a “weibo” can show.

but netease give attitude is: I don’t try so hard! Worry is useless, bowed their heads and for my money, make a product line.

netease strong fans and profound ecological resources is the biggest advantage

the release 4.0 netease news, focused on the rhythm of “reading” “voice comments” “video” barrage “exceptional small make up new functions, such as” before the three aims to improve the user experience, the last item is the hope that through the user habit, guide “insight” pay for premium content, build a benign ecological.

but no user between “attention” and other social functions, can only see other users’ comments reply, if you want to focus on adding friends can only end or easecredit end on computer. In order to push easecredit, netease is really the effort.

but in other news, the client seeks trouble today, perfect the social function is added to netease do less “humane”.

according to netease, citing the latest data CNNIC, the 74.2% of mobile phone users read mobile news, and the proportion is still steady climb, is one of the few app users has risen steadily. And netease accumulated in the news industry brand advantage, which laid a foundation for the growth of our own.

netease’s biggest advantage is its own unique “comments” subculture, slightly for users may find that netease news page is filled with a large number of “group formation” “echo” “repeater” this unique universal entertainment atmosphere.

this is what any other news media have not user ecological, netease in order to further expand or use of this advantage, then introduces the integral gold system, to encourage users to keep postings.

and with the establishment of the integral gold system, the commercialization of netease news followed – using gold at a discount, the background, big data and public review, Scott maps, and other guides, to promote the docking the precise local preferential service, has even started using gold rewards start application distribution.

this is other news, the client is not do the accumulation of netease rely on strong technical resources for good implementation provides the basis of these features, other start-up team within a short period of time.

such as netease news of news photos, video, video barrage, these features for no technology accumulated resources start-up team also powerless. It is impossible to like netease news so rapid commercialization.

the group to visit after the conference, the mobile Internet department general manager xu poem said netease news in the future will also introduce similar to today’s headline news aggregation

the end need to be fun that this update is no adding many new features, but, the installation package is doubled. Many users said a little pit.

ding, after all, don’t watch the news, news or to support easecredit

although netease news in the industry is very famous, but in fact, ding has been the news business does not value oneself, this would have been no secret in the industry, running away from netease news team old netease and insiders ridicule can be confirmed.

why? Think of a news department the number of full-time employees of those posts and wages than editing team, worked so hard to create a project can’t shelves, the workers don’t live, put aside what the boss is not willing to. Especially the editorial team of netease, users also always likes to hit on the muzzle.

the money fast and not humbled games compared apparently more likable, past the existence of netease portal is for your own games business drainage, netease news today also is the purpose of development.

but in the present social game asb, use news client to push the game to the user experience is not good, if you want to make their games promoted obviously still need to build social platform. This is netease pushing yi letter in the first place.

the netease has since netease news and mail the original user, gradually introduced music, video, q&a, carpool service, expected within each individual services into incomplete social elements, step by step, and then to the user guide into the easy letter, the last to a social game.

the easy letter has launched the game function.

sina by media properties, WeChat rely on social attributes on the rampage, netease can rely on their own unique “comments” subculture turn into a master? We don’t know, but at least we can see that netease because their past accumulated brand and core fan, get a others can’t replace position. This is the value of the user.