Look from the “little good big love” zhou “closed”

(word/qing nan)

actually, Zhou Hongyi change has been a period of time, there are also some reading, I had also want to talk about, because of the time it is delayed. But recent Lao zhou for the first time to participate in public welfare activities of the small good big love again attracted many attention, also see its is different from the usual one side again. Thus a tantrum.

had heard Lao zhou attended “day day up” and “you” and “boss town” and so on such programs, but mainly from the aspects of product marketing, business counseling, basically can play to his strengths: eloquent speech, sharp comments on logic, strong debate. Therefore, basic are gathered a large number of fans everywhere, also always become the focus of the news.

in terms of charity and public welfare, although Zhou Hongyi ever to wenchuan earthquake donation of 1 million, but on the show to find himself and to help disadvantaged groups, “the little good big love” is the first time. The whole process seems very “embarrassed”, in the face of former expeditionary army veterans of hard life, helpless left-behind children, optimistic people with disabilities, etc., he doesn’t know how to help them with his own hands, including taking care of daily life, cleaning, etc. Knowing that is a challenge, but Lao zhou donated some money to do and, also said to stick to it for a long time.

although 730000 yuan of personal contributions isn’t big, but for Zhou Hongyi, is also a change. He also reflect on their own personal heroism, possessed these more ground public welfare activities. At the same time embodies the environment for like to help others, and not just to give material support the idea of doing things.

there are also questions about Lao zhou for show, because he has the makings of a good actor, can gushing speech in public, fingertips, innuendo. But personally to help these disadvantaged groups is clearly not his strengths, “before know almost nothing about public welfare, in front of the person actually do public welfare, I can learn a good, but the feeling is for show.” Eventually he chose “borrows” forcibly by aid activists to help these disadvantaged groups. Because he thinks the show is in do not result, Lao zhou don’t want to do something no results.”

it is just in line with Lao zhou personality: true, direct, temperament middleman, of course, he has such as persistent, belligerent, smart tags.

in China more than 10 years in the history of the Internet, zhou from rogue software “palace”, push free antivirus with industry, browser search challenge baidu, etc, into the way of doing things, he and li played in a lawsuit, and Mr. Ma “blocked”, grabbed the ding of the territory, and ma also allegations from a distance. Each of the first world war he was first shirtless, and to fight our way out, make 360 billion-dollar valuations today, threatening BAT, also become a lot of the company’s bitter rivals. Investigate its fundamental, in his own words, “I am not a man don’t follow rules step distance, always wanted to do something different, to change, change the world, it makes me more a sense of accomplishment.”

however on time into 2014, Zhou Hongyi quietly chose the “closed”, to let the company management, slows down the weibo updates. It was after this period of time, we found 360 changed, become stable, didn’t the spat in the industry, it is to make their products more, Zhou Hongyi personal is rarely seen.

at that time, the scale of the 360 is already more than 5000 people, as many as dozens of product lines. Zhou Hongyi debate opponent’s self-proclaimed “entrepreneurial small company” weak position is gone; Business line is uneven and even some products gradually lower the company’s reputation, at the same time, more fierce enemies too many rivals. More importantly, the mobile Internet era of dozen have a huge difference with PC, the APP is more and more difficult to become a user’s absolute entrance, the expansion of the 360 need more emphasize on the core values of the user. 360, therefore, need to change, of course, starts with more Zhou Hongyi himself.

this time to participate in public welfare undertakings is the domestic billionaire Zhou Hongyi change at a time. Before this is closed, he is modest, composed with a low profile, rarely platform for product release; Microblog much gratitude and admiration, of censure and chaoyang park. Foreign mentality also composed a lot of, speak not very aggressive, and explore the tone.

in internal e-mails that paragraph of time exposure, revealed to him the self-reflection of the cognition of enterprise, precise is self-knowledge, resisting temptation, business to gather. He thinks 360 is not as the same Internet giant BAT, recognize that you can make a suitable for their own survival and development of competitive strategy.

in the internal system, in addition to long-term flattening management, Zhou Hongyi mentioned to Reboot the company in 2014, the company keep young, therefore began after 90 experiment, encourage the creativity of young people. At present, 360 keys, 360 portable WIFI are headed by 90 employees.

on the company’s image repair, after the original Google greater China chief John liu, the original national pledges inspect bureau spokesman josh to join in 360, also helps to repair, the enterprise and the government. Including, in the cause of the above mentioned outside the Lao zhou people do public welfare purposes, or for 360 a positive image of the company a good show, kill two birds with one stone.

however, the leopard cannot change never good, Lao zhou is Lao zhou, will not change his combative nature, the pursuit of product details will not lose. Maybe sometime in the future, he will be full of blood life, return to the focus.