Look from the stake in KeyEast sohu future investment strategy, emphasizing the collaborative business

(word/qing nan)

have been flocking + Internet entertainment circle of zhang launched a new action, is that sohu entertainment KeyEast of listed companies, a $15 million stake in South Korea account for 6.4% of the shares and become the second largest shareholder. KeyEast with byj, Kim soo-hyun well-known artists, among them, byj is the first big shareholder.

open sohu company growth, large investment cases are few and far between, now, zhang and how to make the investment decisions? Where is the investment direction of sohu? 7 August afternoon, Charles, I have received the hunting cloud network media interview, let’s find out.

why stake in KeyEast?

under the Korean wave swept across the mainland market in recent years, more and more Korean entertainment star wants to enter the Chinese market, it is also a KeyEast choose the important reason for the Chinese partner, of course, is to seek more business interests behind it. In addition to the above mentioned star artist management, KeyEast business also covers film and television production, cable channel, food, music, games, etc.

zhang disclosed that the negotiation and KeyEast lasted a few months time, among several partners ultimately sohu, because the temperament.

for sohu, which not only is a media platform or video business needs of entertainers and exclusive content resources added. And KeyEast signed the rights and interests of domestic Internet platform sole partner will also is very good. Both sides in the next content production and distribution aspects of close cooperation can be barriers to form a better content of opportunity. Sohu in auxiliary KeyEast business in China, of course, at the same time, also can through the latter, to their own high quality content to the Korean market.

in addition, in terms of games, sohu’s swimming are also actively seeking to expand overseas, and KeyEast is also a very good share.

from this side, sohu in KeyEast mainly focuses on the collaborative business.

investment will not deviate from the main business

look at sohu group investment m&a history, before and after 2000 to 2003, sohu has to spend to buy ChinaRen, 17173. com, focus on real estate network, was a continuous set of domestic m&a record. Despite the recent’s swimming has a stake in the RC voice, dolphin browser, but compared to the BAT crazy investment wave of mergers and acquisitions, sohu is clearly “quiet” a lot.

than BAT giants the layout of the prospects for mobile panic type, sohu show less busy seems to be no hurry, peace of mind to do the increment of the existing business, including the news media platform, sohu video, sogou, four big game.

zhang told cloud network hunting, sohu follow-up must be around the business to do a comparative approaches of investment, and won’t go to projects for relationship a little bit far, in KeyEast is valued and sohu video business closely.

“the existing investment decision is put forward by this article a few lines of business in front of the department, said not a strategic investment department, do not throw money into some places, expect it to produce significant may later.” Charles zhang said to hunt cloud network.

won’t go from the group level, but this does not mean that sohu led some investment. Charles zhang said, sohu will internally set up special investment department, but it is not too large.