Look smart home, think about what users need

hunting cloud network on April 15,


what is intelligence household? As soon as our nearest can enjoy intelligent household products exactly?

today, we hunt old zhai again put the definition of smart home to relax, from the perspective of the user experience about intelligence.

the user experience is what? Is a product, one or a few functions, good solve the user. This is the user experience!

when humans learned to use wood, and build houses, topography, human beings have the first “smart home”. This product is very clever, when the day is cold inside can keep out the cold, can’t go in the rain shower when it’s raining. Smart?

later, people invented the lamp, in the evening, the lights can see everything. Smart?

to modern times, people invented the air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines and so on, their intelligence help us to enjoy the cool, storage, antivirus, clean. This is not smart?

yes! All of these can be said to be the smart home. And now, we want more more intelligent household. but the first step, smart home must be able to solve the current user’s trouble! This is smart.

what to think about how tools demand, which is seriously influence the efficiency of the experience, lower life, these requirements are listed, classified screen out the solution according to user’s requirements.

family functional requirements: traditional furniture dispersed, single function, and because of cost, castrated many peripheral functions. And put processing variety, one at a very inconvenient operation, experience to compliment.

family space: traditional furniture shape strange, most of the large volume, not easy to put place, can change the layout of a family tired half dead, a headache.

family multimedia experience : basically households now have their own computers, televisions, smart phones, TV experience is good, but resources are limited; Smartphone use convenient memory but can’t put some video; Computer’s hard drive has a lot of resources sharing, but not out, and so on.

in general is the present home products, functional integration, extension, interaction is insufficient, huge bulky and not easy to run. Can only look, can touch nothing new tricks, can’t kick kick, no affinity, “playability”. Wasted advanced tactile materials, takes up a lot of gaps, “airspace”.

now think about a meter of 8, house prices, a refrigerator to take up the space is higher than the value of his own, so a conversion can understand people about the conformity of the product function and appearance of function extension requirements.

refrigerator whether fortress into a sofa, whether to set into the wall, the wall can active combination? Put the washing machine in the middle of the family, the intelligent counter with combined into seesaw, when I come home from work at night, can accompany children with the remote control device on the long table with the voice of the washing amusement together?

all Internet models may be useful, everything can be according to their own advantage to obtain new features, in touch to point to, fun to push on. Smart home is to pour depressing empty houses, into a family happy with super amusement park.

concept from the user experience, it is out of the market. If you want to into the mainstream market, around the user experience, user need only, can rapid implementation.