Looking for gold in large data, ali open hoops is entrepreneurial opportunities

(word/qing nan)

World Cup just home-country crowd, the Google BigQuery platform based on itself successfully predicted the World Cup quarterfinals list, based on a handful of big data analysis system and fire.

coincidentally, ali cloud in recently formally announced the opening to the outside world class commercial BigQuery products – ODPS services. Simply put, through ODPS online services, small companies spend low cost storage and analysis of huge amounts of data can be realized.

ODPS full Open Data Processing Service, namely Open Data Processing services. Ali cloud open ODPS core strategy is to ali has a large data storage and processing ability to open up for external use, including large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, even entrepreneurial teams. Core features simple, on-demand paid quickly.

how to visually to understand ODPS business? The team a very apt: “pour water into the ODPS in the sea, the data set a set of parameters, faucets, is out of freshly squeezed juice!” It means that the original shall be responsible for the analysis of data routing, facilitation, personalized. Comparative industrial era, the era of big data ODPS running water production line, to the “juice” from the faucet, along with the change of the original data and algorithm.

today launched ODPS service at the core of thinking about what kind of? And what influence will the industry? Cloud President ali Ben wang in an interview with hunting cloud network and other media has carried on the comprehensive interpretation.

why do ODPS service?

the current reality is that big data era has come, everyone is talking about big data, digital operations every CEO dreams, but most of the data are based on chaotic storage or wasted. How to lower costs, more efficient operations which excavates behind the data value has become a difficult problem in front of the enterprise. High construction costs is the importance of each enterprise burden, because according to the traditional mode of operation, need to be at a cost of tens of millions of self-built data center, please maintenance operation, professional and technical personnel technical challenge is difficult.

jack ma has said a while ago, to control as the starting point of the IT era is to activate the productivity for the purpose of DT (video) data. Formal based on such thinking, ali cloud services has become a product base of the whole alibaba group, and to determine ahead of time to build China’s era of DT data business development strategy of infrastructure. Data mining is alibaba emphases in the future.

, Ben wang said ODPS service is based on the alibaba internal business data processing requirements and grows, officially opened only after internal sufficient verification, ali group all business are currently access ODPS platform. ODPS on-demand paid flexible model also fits the current enterprise on the real demand of data processing, greatly reduce business operating costs, lower the threshold of the commercial value of data.

ali cloud dared to launch a service ODPS is also comes from the accumulation of its own technology. Ali cloud has become the nation’s largest cloud service players, with large-scale computing and data storage service. And flying scale distributed cloud computing platform has realized the scale of a single cluster node 5000, become a worldwide in addition to Google Microsoft amazon only a Chinese company.

at present, ali cloud in promoting took a progressive ODPS open strategy. According to Ben wang, the commercial, there has been no open the functions of the user programming. When companies feel more mature, will further open MR and UDF.

create entrepreneurship new opportunities

for enterprise and the team are in urgent need of data processing, the ODPS launched gave them directly, product service channels are available, and at the same time of lower operating costs, faster much-needed data value information ahead of time, which directly benefit.

of course, new ODPS products certainly not perfect, cannot satisfy the demand for personalized, for ali cloud, support and build hoops data ecosystem has been on the agenda. For the enterprise, how to do, how to efficiently use is more important than the accumulation of simple data accurate, after all, the result is everything.

according to Ben wang, ali will be based on cloud and application service providers (business intelligence), data application, data production (corporate, individual), data processing, industry experts, consultancy, data consumption (advertising, full improvement, pattern innovation, recommended) and so on several aspects. That is to say, ali cloud of hoops with an open mind to build foundation platform, introduce many partners, to build the ecological system. In every link of those contains the a lot of business opportunities.

on the other hand, ODPS platform for the extension of the existing service providers to broaden the business space, need a lot of third-party ISV domain-oriented solution; For a team with a business idea, on the other hand, in terms of another piece of soil, in front of the industry trend, the control algorithm, data analysis, industry data such as demand inevitably broke out.