Lookout to raise $150 million m, with from Goldman sachs qualcomm bezos grace?

California San Francisco Lookout mobile security company announced today that won a $150 million investment, this may have set the Internet security industry obtained the largest venture capital company one-time record.

amount is important, but more important still is the wheel of the investor side is luxurious, financial service providers t. RowePrice led, other investors include Goldman sachs, Morgan Stanley investment company, amazon founder bezos its investment companies, as well as the famous vc Anderson horowitz companies in silicon valley, and so on. These are the prospects for the future abnormal accurate judgment of big corporations or individuals.

we should not only ask, Lookout with what can get so much the favor of the company? Before the Lookout the risk of a total investment of 76 million dollars. And the disposable, received $150 million.

turn the Lookout of the financing of other shareholders list, France telecom, Khosla Ventures, Accel Partners, Index Ventures, Chris Sacca, Trilogy Equity Partnership, etc.

in the mobile Internet, especially under the condition of the Android open system architecture, security problem than you see more serious at present, mobile phone security industry, is access to capital party.

Lookout company was established in January 2004, is headquartered in San Francisco, California, founded by John Hering, at present, he served as CEO, and was elected “fortune” in 2012 under the age of 40, business elite, he was 29 years old.

company began developing an ordinary consumers mobile security products, including mobile phone virus scan, the function such as file backup, business model for the free value-added ($2.99 monthly fee, annual fee $29.99). Then the expansion of business, the company started to enter the enterprise security products, to develop a safety analysis platform, as well as a dedicated mobile app stores for security applications.

in May this year, Lookout also introduced automatic warning function Theft Alerts, new features to Lookout when suspicious behavior detected automatically using mobile front-facing camera taking pictures, because it assumes that the suspicious personnel in the use of mobile phones), at the same time, record the time and place, then the information in the form of E-mail sent to the owner, convenient for them to take the next step, such as mobile phone records or direct report to the police.

the Lookout security applications covered android and iOS, as many as 50 million total users, payment of value-added services to users, as many as hundreds of millions of people. In the outside of the United States users occupies certain proportion.

the company currently employs 240 employees, after get new investment, the company will increase employ hundreds of staff in the next few months, the other will also set up a new branch in the United States.