“Looks from god”, MOTOROLA to push for Google 5.9 -inch Nexus device

hunting cloud network integrated several learned that soon parted ways with Google thoroughly the MOTOROLA, in November this year to launch a Nexus of 5.9 -inch tablet. Interestingly, the sources said, the device will also be equipped with fingerprint recognition.

at the beginning of this year, MOTOROLA for only for less than $3 billion, sell PC giants lenovo by Google.

after the news, according to the Nexus device in the AOSP code-named “killer whales” (Shamu). Given the previous Nexus device code is the name of the fish, so the existence of the new device seems to have a certain basis.

now we still know very little about details about the device. It is worth noting that the Shamu will be equipped with fingerprint sensor. Since the iPhone 5 s, LG G2, HTC One, Max, the Galaxy since the S5, fingerprint identification seems to have become a flagship mobile phone standard in the past two years.

in addition, the fact shows that the device in addition to native Android, as always, carry the latest, will also have many exclusive function of MOTOROLA device specific configuration. For example, voice wake up the screen and so on.

the news is true, then with the Nexus has been taking “low price high quality” line style, MOTOROLA, the device could really be against the danger of a “killer whales” samsung! Greater “tiger”, of course, is yet to come – 5.5 -inch iPhone 6 also forthcoming for early next year (claim).