“M” disorderly – intelligent hardware industry the most chaotic events so far

introduction: this is not a need to be the story of the role play, real rendering has been very dramatic. Perhaps, a lot of friends how smart hardware industry, around China are are paying close attention to intelligent hardware several of the most active companies and millet entanglements the latest dynamic of the relationship. Many other people, and may not be clear, the intelligent hardware industry in China by far the most chaotic pr events, media events and rise to the cause of social event. Let’s call it “m” disorderly.

story background: 79 yuan, 59 yuan and the four article

since millet 79 yuan put forward hand ring, the whole intelligent hardware industry, especially small and medium-sized intelligent hardware companies suddenly a sharp emotional accumulation stage, and the price of 79 yuan of the baseline undoubtedly destroy the whole price of the intelligent hardware logic, and the ecological rules. A day later, bong intelligent bracelets, 2 matching millet on price at the same time, the appearance of the bong 2, work performance far exceeds the millet. The smell of smoke!

for most outsider’s view, maybe until the millet bracelets sell cheap, millet with unconventional means of competition into the image of the intelligent hardware will be officially emerged. And the story behind the already actually.

on July 20, before 4 conference in meters, the personage inside course of study, millet is with the country’s largest mobile phone ODM manufacturers announced a joint venture of science and technology, one of the “Shanghai gen meters technology co., LTD.”. Gen meters first product is intelligent socket, this also leads directly to debut next Broadlink Liu Zongru founder.

millet to push smart socket is equal to directly kill the Broadlink stronghold, and so again the enduring Liu Zongru ray technology interview on July 29, when “millet was locusts” speech, written visible iot think-tank, the millet and Broadlink grievances, power play footnote with the fate of small and medium-sized enterprises “. Liu Zongru indignation accused millet decide to deny in the interview, and detailed the previous cooperation with millet, and the two sides have reached an agreement. BroadLink in millet routing in the process of research and development, “open your own infrared remote control module of core data, assist each other routing and external devices connected to optimize”, “to coincide with millet routing for the third time open beta, BroadLink free provides 1000 sets of intelligent remote control, make the millet routing” smart home “in the name of”, “millet promises not to make similar competing goods, and will recommend BroadLink products.” And now “millet is ready to launch intelligent remote control, socket, copying BroadLink sheet is tasted, and with very low prices to reshuffle the industry.” “Wait for $59 socket again kill an emerging industry.”

Liu Zongru

in this article, the performance of most the place that anger is not on millet introduced intelligent socket on the item, but faint hint millet into the smart home platform and do the concerns of the WiFi module, Liu Zongru said, millet “even copy Broadlink do chip solution platform train of thought.” And it is well known that Liu Zongru from may crow temple in nanjing “Broadlink” DNA “turnkey” conference, has been thoroughly exposed their company do the true nature of software system and ecosystem, liu bigger market in an attempt to is becoming millet power of the battlefield.

liu polemic, long product “black rice” emotional intelligent hardware industry, instantaneous burst its Banks, followed by bong intelligent hand ring shell technology co., LTD. (hangzhou) founder Gu Dayu. On July 30, in his personal WeChat public number on a piece of the stone, although hard, but the egg is the life “(visible), a think-tank in iot articles posted. Gu with intense lyricism tells the story of bong intelligent bracelet and millet, and now have to face the millet crazy prices were forced to follow up the pressure. When Liu Zongru opened the intelligent hardware companies accused of millet narrative mode, bong “eggs touch stone” tragic story come just in time.

late July 30, Liu Zongru story clues for the first time met a question, lei feng’s net house guest post what happened behind the BroadLink suddenly accused millet, “trigger events continue to ferment. House guest to Liu Zongru proposed in millet route of development as the main character is not trust, as for the intelligent sheet is tasted, the WiFi module, in fact, these products are not a BroadLink is doing, said millet copy BroadLink fundamentally is not established.

on July 31, events continue to evolve, the same as the core in the smart home industry’s rainbow into action. Another article on the originating from lei feng net house guest left the insiders revealed: millet Broadlink found the rainbow “(visible), a think-tank in Internet of things continue to cause of millet. The rainbow Wang Xionghui cohesion Liu Zongru story, founder of millet and Broadlink after break up, and found the rainbow. Wang Xionghui said, millet to “took out 1 billion yuan is dedicated to investing in Chinese intelligent household team, plans to invest 50”, “millet requirements with powerful electric mall merchants and user traffic to fold into valuation fans acquire the rainbow, and special require replacement high equity”, “all products must be on millet LOGO”, “a year must make one or two product, both sides not to profit, low price strategy.” Wang Xionghui said, “millet suggested, if not cooperate, millet combine other supply chain factory will launch similar products, which hit the rainbow”. In the face of millet dramatic, carrot and stick, Wang Xionghui revealed in the article, he to resist pressure, and firmly believe that: “intelligence lives in the world can’t be millet.”

two reading: millet unscrupulous or opportunity to hype?

just three days, a “m”, back and forth, involve people and companies are the existence of the hottest properties in intelligent hardware industry, and how many viewers will see how to dial the cloud fog, see the essence behind the story? Summary of all that, maybe probably include the two possible.

reading a, millet unscrupulous, haughty deceit small, devoid of innovation

millet want to the intention of the smart home industry is not secret, BroadLink, shell technology, the rainbow companies such as collective punitive millet, is no accident. And millet walked on the way of copying innovation, science and technology circle’s reputation was much reviled. Liu Zongru talk about cooperation with millet was turned against also in according to the facts, “millet routing within the third beta packaging put a Broadlink RM – home intelligent remote control, and by the retail version of the gadgets are provided by the Broadlink gone”, this case is not just made. And the core enterprise of millet and several intelligent hardware play tricks behind technique, to tooling is, millet layout intelligent hardware speed is fast enough, bidding method has destroyed the industry rules.

read two, 79 yuan, the smart startup taken advantage of the hype, rise of

“m” ins and outs of the mess has many places worth investigating, such as “what happened behind BroadLink suddenly accused millet,” mentioned in article many views can overthrow Liu Zongru. In addition, it should be pointed out that, at present the various intelligent hardware enterprise whether item or WiFi module, technical content is not so high as imagined, millet in the difficulty of the independent research and development of this block should also is not so big as the imagination. For millet Liu Zongru said copied BroadLink platform thinking, say no more in the past, if thinking also want to be copied, then millet “thinking” Internet “triathlon” how to calculate?

of course, the key is that we don’t forget the behind the battle three British lyu3 bu4 version of a debate, actually BroadLink, shell technology, the rainbow has action recently. Shell technology in millet bracelet bong2 released 99 yuan released the day after tomorrow, after a few days because the dubs won’t do propaganda shell technology, just borrow “black millet” the wind and catch up on marketing this lesson; The rainbow in the industry insiders revealed: millet left Broadlink found the rainbow “article, recurring intelligent gas alarm Kepler, actually today with all day on Kickstarter to raise, it can not help but to extrapolate. And the first BroadLink is likely do hype for a new round of financing.

view fire guide:

the “m”, since the hustle and bustle, the truth also is very difficult to see, the audience also don’t hope that there is a correct answer. For irrelevant personnel, the author presented the concept of three fire guide

first, millet for smart hardware innovations, the impact of conflicts of interest is the root of the incident. Broadlink on intelligent socket and wifi module conflict with millet, bong bracelet, hand ring and millet and millet and the rainbow after a late rally.

the second, more exposure and more debate on intelligent hardware industry is not do more harm than good.

the third, the millet immoral competition should be negative, but in the long term, but low-cost means of millet, the whole intelligent hardware industry, both practitioners and consumers are not absolutely bad thing.

4, the current dispute is still far from rendering the whole appearance of intelligent hardware industry competition, there are more technology giants hiding behind the scenes. Smart hardware startups actually not afraid to challenge the millet, standing behind the investor, may not be smaller than millet.

source: iot think-tank