M technology completed A round of 100 million RMB financing

on August 4, hunting cloud network news

A m just released news science and technology, the company has completed A round of 100 million RMB financing, this round of the investor is the eastern group, chengdu technology transfer etc.

a meter is domestic first involves smartmovie products company, founded in May 2012, the founder of Zhong Bo from mstar, has more than 10 years in the field of TV chip technology accumulation, the core team has deep understanding in image processing. In April 2014, rice has released the first cinema products, built-in Android4.2 system, carrying mstar chip, main product 180 inch high-definition screen, 3 d function, and lightweight portable, multi-screen interaction, long service life, etc.

cloud network hunting has repeatedly reported meters, see.

a m CMO, said wang lung, a rice products in jingdong online 10 days, was rushed to the category of the second. The activities of the group in the United States, just the day there is more than 90, ten thousand people. On May 15, from sale for the first time, to now have accumulated selling nearly 50000 units, sales of 150 million. Founder Zhong Bo admitted that did not anticipate such hot conditions. Experience is good, because the product itself is very innovative; The second is the World Cup boom meters, many users said it was to watch artifact.

to start with, extremely meters, according to the mode of using the Internet to do product, set up very early m BBS, by continually communicate with user, understand user needs, make friends with the user, in order to perfect product experience. Now very m BBS has more than 50 registered users, active every day there are tens of thousands of people, a lot of experience and application of the killer from BBS users.

about the financing process, a founder of meters Zhong Bo say said investors to negotiate with no more than two months, progress faster than expected. Capital, confidence in the field of intelligent home appliances have long, also bullish on extremely m cinema this product at the same time, this is the innovation of the local products, tesla in China. A m of this round of financing, will be mainly used for product development and marketing, supply chain integration. Vision of the future is extremely meters, to provide users with a high ratio of family entertainment platform.