Ma: entrepreneurship to put target to a minimum

now is the most suitable for Internet startup time: the Internet has become indispensable in people’s life of infrastructure, potentially large user base. Big companies like tencent open platform to minimize a startup, only need enough good ideas and strong execution; Social recognition of entrepreneurship and containing more and more high, supporting facilities is more and more perfect…

from another point of view, such a good environment, also makes the competition between entrepreneurs. Every entrepreneur dream to create the next tencent, baidu, alibaba, would like to make billions and billions of dollars value of enterprises.

who can win?

when you really have a big business of company, and how to manage this monster?

there is no standard answer these questions, but the global entrepreneurs “magazine in 2008 and 2008 two interviews for ma, provides some valuable experience.

it is interesting to note that when it comes to entrepreneurship, ma huateng admits that if he to start now, also dare not say can certainly make a company tencent on this scale. While maintaining the fear of The Times, ma Shared his entrepreneurial experience:
1. Don’t set ambitious goals from the start, but put the goal in the minimum, things are a little bit careful. As long as the head after their camp, nature will be distracted.

2. If there is any user to as value, as long as things right cost would not be too high. Valuable, don’t give up will certainly return.

3. Products honed to use, the user will realize your mind.

Interview excerpt:

Q: if you did business today, what will do to cut into China’s Internet?

ma: that is very difficult, do the best small software to meet their own hobbies. Said can’t expect to do or how many 1 billion, if we had thought of it like that would have died. It will around you every step of the action, then you will find many small, do not do the things to see there is something wrong with the server also not nervous, always think about how to make 1.01 trillion, it was finished. Things are a little bit careful. Must put the goal in the minimum, after it shut. Most people are like you face all sorts of small, as long as the head after his camp, the rest of the natural will be distracted, in time you ran to the front of the others. Don’t be afraid more than others, do their, and their ratio.
In addition, the first look at what you do right, is there any user value, as long as things to do on the cost is not too high. Second, consider product can consider to use a little more, user will naturally slowly realize your mind. As long as there is value, not to give up will certainly return. Our good products are all figured out. Tencent’s success was luck, behind is comfortable ride with the whole team play.

Q: what do you like?

Ma: some concept I use the general logic analysis can challenge. Unless someone very good let me take orally: “boss, rest assured, this is the fact that the 1, 2, 3, 4.” But someone always say: “oh, the boss you’re great! Think of it!” I how much? It’s not try out. Such a person, no matter what he say me to his impression is not so good, will get a new person. Even the most basic logic judgment is very troublesome. If work is a mess, a success all don’t know is lucky or what’s going on. In a word, can’t let go to general of the people of the wind.

Q: there are so many products, tencent are competing for the ultimate “entrance”?

ma: impossible to force all users from one of our own planned “entrance” to use tencent and other Internet services, this is not in accordance with user requirements. So, the most important is product to attract users, natural conclusion is obtained by competition, all eventually see the user’s choice.
In this process, some products is just a flash in the pan, because everyone else is doing is not good enough, so temporary have appreciation of space. If competing products really do well enough, that is about to quit, bravely or reasonable to merge, or other adjustments.

such as “QQ alumni” this product started research on tencent, discovery institute (after a period of time is not suitable for to do this, and competition with QQ space. Plus two products if there is no certain integration, user experience is very bad, then the return under the institute of the entire team to the community department, give up the original entry, to transform “QQ alumni” into “net friends”.

Q: how to persuade do enough good product withdrew from the competition?

ma: the most ideal situation is certainly everybody agree, but some really hard to PK. Some people only from local interests, such as social fashion, no matter whether he is good at a lot of products, all want to be your own community, regardless of whether conflict with other products.
Actually independent companies need to extend from a single product to a wider field. Tencent’s many big companies in the sector more should consider how to cooperate with surrounding department, product integration, and will do vertical depth, he is good at doing, rather than to do.

now we also hope to “social” organizational structure, the past wide open business together. If, for example, tencent launched a mobile phone abroad on social games, contains games, social networking, mobile, internationalization, which department is over? In order to solve this problem, we organized a team to learn how to cisco as a whole to consider and decision making.