Ma in response to spend hk $500000 hunting: born in poverty for learning when aristocrats

on August 11, hunting cloud network news

according to media reports ma hk $500000 to rent the castle hunting with friends, captured 17 deer, ma I respond in a cluster called “learn when aristocrats, I have no interest, was born in poverty grassroots, no yearning for ‘aristocratic life.”

the organization the activities of the nature conservancy said in a statement that “media one-sided out-of-context distortion of TNC activity, organized by the guardians to the true nature of a hostile, we would like to take this awaken the public awareness of the TNC and how to work in the participation in the true sense of nature protection.”

here is Mr. Ma piled full text:

today I spend a lot of money in the media in the spread of the hunting learning “noble life”. Learn when aristocrats, I have no interest, was born in poverty grassroots, no yearning for “noble life”.

but learn to protect the environment through hunting is true. As members of the nature conservancy in the world, I have many opportunities to participate in all over the world and learn the right knowledge of conservation.

the hunting learning was two years ago, we the nature conservancy (TNC) organized a field activities in Europe (and prey to pose for the people in the photos I don’t know one). Hunting, like most people, in my mind has always been a very cruel thing, think it is the destruction of the natural protection, and not to kill the ideas have been rooted in my mind…

to join global nature conservancy, I learned a lot of professional knowledge of protection, for example, the scientists about the hunting is a vital means of conservation and wildlife for lack of natural enemies, in many parts of the wild is growing, not balance controlling hunt for environmental damage is very big. Such as the Australian kangaroo, hare, and the disease of America, the old deer… Must be regularly controlled quantity, destroy ecological redundancy and to maintain ecological species system health. This is scientific, is also the responsibility of protecting natural.

a lot of ideas and knowledge for us is the first time I heard was born in China. Hunting is a professional skills, it is both human and natural means of communication, but also the important method of human warrior spirit transfer. Many countries and regions by hunting and fishing raised a lot of natural protection fund. So the course fee is very expensive.

but to be honest, the hunting are not happy, in addition to realize our ancestors hunting survival difficult, shot and feel really bad, even for those who have to deal with animals, the tangle of shouldn’t kill will still in my heart with for a long time… Now the domestic many areas is overrun with wild boar, on the one hand, ecological improvement, on the other hand, excessive reproduction growth also bring a lot of trouble for the environment, also have to deal with!

to do the right thing and do things correctly is very not easy, but is very important.