Ma: the company is the most sad is the founder of the state

author: ma, associate from cluster

recently a lot of people talking about corporate control, I also share my ideas.

most of the fear of losing control over the company, the company founder nature this understandable, because all sorts of insecurity is always around the entrepreneur, insecurity about the future is one of the main factors of their success. Especially the more successful the founding boss will worry more and more strange.

the founder of the company control mainly has two big mistake. 1. Always think oneself love than anyone in the company of the company, the most know about this company. 2. Think only by controlling stake to control company decisions.

two mistaken it will greatly hinder your development and growth of the company. Unless you want to do a small family business, maybe you can barely be control forever. If you wish to do business well, and stronger, bigger, make it public listed companies built to last, these two ideas are deadly obstacles.

the development of the company basically rely on the introduction of outstanding talent, especially the excellent talents, than he needs to build all kinds of talents co-construction and sharing system of cultural values, more need to introduce all kinds of investors, and shares of diluted for granted. Leaders of the company should control by courage, wisdom, bear, leadership and fair and transparent management ability. By shares under the control of employee is slave type, it is difficult to sustain the development of the company for a long time.

founder will be confused, become old, will die, there will be a variety of sudden accident, also founder, founder and things everywhere. Stubborn, arrogant, regardless is the common fault of the founder. Believe that intuition is the cause of their success, but too letter intuition and also they are the main reasons for the failure.

so keep companies built to last is one of the important measures of succession system. Founder to identify and cultivate successor when young, it’s like children, you need the body best not come to the end of time. Elderly cultivate successor when your mind is not the same.

of course only depend on one or a few successor is certainly not, need to establish a set of system and culture system. Because no one is perfect, it is impossible to have a set of system can solve all problems, therefore, system and mechanism of culture is it possible to make your company with the last.

truly safeguard the interests of the founder is not absolute control of more than feel-good supreme “authority”, but a group of your recruitment of training out devotedly, a healthy and positive culture open and transparent and effective mechanism, the basis of the combination of these three is possible.

the most sad company is the founder of the state, mind and character. It’s really hard!