Ma: the era of big data, enterprise what to do?

cloud network hunting note: July 24 afternoon, jack ma, and from all over the country’s chamber of commerce in alibaba talking about himself for commercial thinking and judgment, and the future trend of the Internet and business trends of a judge, in his speech, Mr Ma believes that before the age of big data and technological changes, the future of zheshang, just rely on diligence and effort is not enough; Must grasp the future, must renew their own cultural gene and tissue architecture; Must “do something” preferring to be a social enterprise. Mr. Ma’s speech caused a lot of resonance.

for speech excerpts below:

cherish every mistakes

ali established 15 years, taobao is 11 years, pay treasure is 10 years. We compare the luck. This 15 years we really walk faster, see come is good today, but during the mistakes, as any a company founded has two hundred and thirty – may be even more than they make.

however, we review the era of himself than complain and blame, we corrected himself more quickly. The fifteen years I too old a lot. I didn’t expect to do enterprise would be so hard. Of course, I also feel very lucky, lucky we have such an opportunity.

a: change big data era have effort is not enough light

great zheshang groups. We rely on hard work and strive to do today. But, we have to think, because to this day hard alone is not enough courage. Is, of course, have the courage to go up, more can’t walk down without diligence. But today, with hard work alone is not enough. Here who don’t have the courage? Who is not hard? Who is not sitting in the toilet at night thinking about business?

ali have today because we believe in the future, firmly believe that, after 15 years of can solve these problems we face. I then read hu very impressive, he has other words too. Business has become more and more difficult, but the more difficult the more opportunities. You can do, other people don’t do you want to see more. You see a county, a county do, you see a small city a city you do. You see the future, you do not come. Ali’s dividend, it is 15 years ago saw the situation today. I believe that you are 15 or more years ago would have see something so just go today.

we say thirty years before, after 30 years, 30 years before the difficult in fumble, 30 years behind because of technological change, makes the commercial society has been disruptive change. This is the Internet change and technological innovation of social change.

we have today, because we quickly change yourself, mastered the day, but the future technical change is we have to face the facts.

today, technological change is still there, it has not been stopped. For example, travel is the carriage before, then have the trolley. Trolley bus and taxi appeared for the first time, the coachman all feel very annoyed, all want to knock down. But later will become accustomed to, a new things always let everybody so not to adapt, may trigger some existing interests. You see now is not a business, but a change of The Times.

we have been talking about big data, so what is the big data concept? I feel great to calculate just calculate data, otherwise no data connectivity is a pile of rubbish.

change 2: reshaping organization to help your business become one hundred enterprise

every day I remind myself that we used to say that employees do for forty years old, 50 dry for others. We have to rebuild the company’s organizational structure and business system. Do businessman, action, preferring to enterprises, in fact, the organization building, the whole system construction is the most important thing.

in the past few years, we spent most time and energy is not on the data and money, but in personnel and organizational, no talent reserves and rewards and punishment system, all of the strategy are white. You a person to death, there is no use, must be organized to dry. I can responsibly tell you, if you say and do, your staff immediately jumped up and organization points minutes dissolution. We must demand that their words and deeds.

only establish organization system can continue to grasp and only at the time of grasping the trend, to master. We like to talk about the enterprise culture, but in fact the regulations, the code of conduct is not the enterprise culture, culture is the DNA, is your behavior standards, regulations, the more the weaker culture. Culture is their behavior. Only their own behavior is the enterprise culture and benchmarking.

change 3: what to know what you want to give up

the Internet can do a lot of things, but we do what we should do. We are not earn more money, we are around really help your customers, for those who believe in your business to do something.

ali this company is not mine, I had the opportunity to participate in. Shall we go to the Chinese businessmen in history, there are several good results? All have no good result, end are all very bad. To keep good results, is known for, know what I have something to give up what, know what customers need. So, the company with whom. Finally, I want to see, the last should be given to society, to the society, people to manage the company.

response to the question I’m not play

now, some say, jack ma, the brain has a problem, mergers and acquisitions of this merger and acquisition of that criticism but we did not understand before us, he will not see you in the future.

we always adhere to the “so” there is no difficult to do business, we insist on building platform for small and medium enterprises, we adhere to customer first, employees second, shareholders third, this principle will not change.

a lot of people find I can’t find now, think I play, I am not a play, I really don’t have time. Once upon a time you do some small business change called innovation, everyone applauded, big companies do some breakthrough, obstacles will be more and more.