Ma: the world is moving from an era of IT to DT, others succeed you will succeed!

30 June hunting cloud network news yesterday, Mr Ma attended tsinghua university economic management academy graduation ceremony 2014 and make a speech, to cross out the school graduates in the future the way.

in the interpretation of the current social change, he said, IT is moving towards the world from DT, differences in the two words is the idea behind, culture and social aspects are quite different. The vast majority of people standing in the perspective of IT today world. Convenient IT is for me, I manage, DT is give priority to in order to others, strengthen others, supporting others, DT thought is only another successful you will be successful, IT is a huge shift in thinking, has the thought transformation technology transformation, the transformation of technology.

he said today for insist on three things: the first always insist on idealism, the second to bear spirit, the third to keep optimistic positive energy.

the following full text to speech:

first of all, congratulations you, bless you, this is one of the most amazing at a university in China, although in my heart is the best university in China, hangzhou normal university. You don’t think school knowledge is always not enough use, but knowledge is a mine of society. Hangzhou normal university has given me is the ability to learn and the ability of acquiring knowledge, tsinghua university is very good, but knowledge is always not enough use, tsinghua and today as you get this ability is the ability to achieve their own. I see so many sunny smile today, 30 years later don’t forget to beginner’s mind, is still such a smiling face, that is success.

I today in this talk about my feeling and experience, I is not very successful, college entrance examination test for several years, my math 1 minute, it is true, in the second year on 19 points, got 89 in the third year, but I never give up.

I’ll give you a reminder, a suggestion, remind graduated today you get the most honor book, but it’s just a piece of paper, only prove the four or six years, or eight years, your parents pay a lot for your tuition fees, this is a notice of tuition, told you to pay so much tuition, spent so much time to do a lot of simulation tests, it is only a simulation test. Also give you a suggestion, if you graduated from tsinghua university, please use appreciate the vision to look at hangzhou normal university students, if you graduated from hangzhou normal university, please see yourself with appreciation, because this society is full of change, forever forever full of miracle.

life finally, no matter how successful today, learn accounting students say just now, you can see when he finally whether you win or lose, so I think we just got started. I also believe that after graduation present here today many people are worried, all kinds of worry, worry I learn management, after graduation can when the boss? I can find a good boss? To find a good company? These concerns are actually, every day. Every day when I first entrepreneurial worry can survive, and then I worry that the company will grow up, to grow up I worry it will fall today, and the worry now more than ever, we every moment in the worry, worry is normal, do not worry about is not normal. So I want to give you advice, is also a true feelings, this 30 years ago, I worry about every day, but I just worry about not enough effort, I worried that I didn’t see clear disaster, I worried that I didn’t grasp the good opportunity. But one thing: don’t worry about that. You must meet to tears, injustice, myth, unlucky events, will meet with, there’s no need to worry, you see this is early know will come.

this is in addition to a tangle of era, all the people here today who graduated from the tangle of era, the era seems full of doubt, full of distrust, school teacher to the student’s distrust, mistrust of teacher, students mistrust of the mass media, popular mistrust of the media, there are all sorts of worries, even mistrust of the government also has all kinds of people. The world seemed to lack a variety of opportunities, but the world looks and there are all kinds of opportunities, it seems that young people can be omnipotent, this world can do everything, but look young and can do something.

so I think this is an era of struggle, very congratulations everybody came to a great era of struggle, because the belief is a kind of change, because we are moving into an era of change is very fast. If there is no change today, there will be no alibaba, alibaba, Ma Yunyou today because the first 30 years China’s change.

but I want to tell you I feel inside, the next 30 years of China’s changes will be bigger, have a better chance. From me for the industry, IT is moving towards the world from DT, the differences of the two words is the idea behind the, culture and social aspects are quite different. The vast majority of people standing in the perspective of IT world today, what is IT? Convenient IT is for me, I manage, DT is give priority to in order to others, strengthen others, supporting others, DT thought is only another successful you will be successful, IT is a huge shift in thinking, has the thought transformation technology transformation, the transformation of technology.

so I want to tell you, all the change is the age of young people. Of course, will be more trouble, but after I saw so many people today, I’m thinking about 70%, 70% to become alibaba’s staff, I need not so worried, really. Over the next 30 years, I want to follow you, you will change the world, is you will grasp this opportunity. Entanglements, change is the opportunity of young people, is also the opportunity of The Times.

no matter what you see, we often say that business has become more and more difficult, it is never good to do business. Young people struggle in the IT industry today to go to the alibaba, tencent, baidu, we also feel fresh opportunities for IBM, cisco, Microsoft took IT away, but you have to believe that after 30 years of Chinese companies today must be better than today, tomorrow must be better than the big, thirty years later the rich man must be better than today, after 30 years of colorful culture must be better than today, 30 years later the young man must be beyond us, that is the change of the world. My grandpa said he is better than my dad, my dad said I not as good as him, I think my father than my grandpa, I’m better than my dad, you will be much than us.

particularly in times of change, I also want to give you to share my own experience, the first 30 years I am insist on three things, I also hope everyone to reflect on and think these three are useful to you, is three. The first always adhere to the idealism, second to bear spirit, the third to adhere to the optimistic positive energy.

I never believe in “believe”, I believe in the future, I believe that to believe in yourself more than others. Actually alibaba I’m bad at math, management is not learned, I did not understand accounting, the budget report as of today, I also look not to understand financial statements, it is the truth, I don’t think it is a shame, to admit that you don’t understand is not a disgrace, who knows nothing but pretends to know is a shame. As of today I haven’t seen a thing on taobao purchase, I’ve never used pay treasure, because I don’t know how to use it, but I always in my ears perked up to listen to pay treasure to whether good or bad, because I used much more I would defend their products, but I don’t have to, you always worry about you, because only concerns let I can’t sleep at night, I was the only sleepless, the company didn’t sleep. We saw the Chinese partners, the film is very good, but this movie has a lot of problems, the hero old crying, in fact, entrepreneurs don’t cry, is to make people cry. So we always believe in the future, trust the young, trusting, if I don’t believe others, alibaba’s program to write not to come out, I do not believe that others won’t do such a big market today, we just tell you what we need to stick to.

the second to have spirit. Pay treasure today there is a huge controversy, actually going to do in 2004, pay treasure, when ali financial, I know that one day I met such a trouble, I also entanglements. Then listen to a lot of in davos conference talking about politicians, entrepreneurs, what is a bear. Do you think is right, good for social development, do you really believe that brave bear up to do. I remember after the meeting, I call company said in davos, immediately, and to do right now, if I want to solve this problem. Early last year at ali financial internal meeting, I speak with all colleagues, if we have activated to China’s financial reform, innovation, if someone is based on the price to pay, I come. I believe that if everyone really with the hope of perfecting the social, activate the financial, service industry, err on the side of innovation, we must be more walk more good, because the society is always more and more clear.

today social lack of idealism, the lack of bear when need more idealistic, more need to bear, not just you need, is not only the need of society, society lack most is the most scarce resources, do what others don’t want to do, the most needed things accomplished. Some people say that this society is very big, clean out treasure to tens of millions of transactions in a day, tens of millions of people gave their own package to a completely don’t believe people, to express people who do not believe that, after repeated thousands of kilometers to another person, this is unimaginable before, this is our today’s young people in different ways, in the technology of the method in the expression “trust” she really exists.

the third I want you to insist on the positive energy, optimistic view of the problem. I am a man of countless mistakes, ali today at least 100 times in the previous 15 years no body come over, so to speak again today, we today, more people than at that time, our today’s knowledge and ability stronger than at that time, but we must go back again walk not to come out. But how do we go out? We keep optimistic, we believe that the world would be a success, you don’t succeed someone we believe alibaba and taobao can do it, someone must have done, we believe that people spend more time in learning these things, just see if we are lucky. So I later to their motto, but also to all the young people, to my colleague’s motto, “today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but most people die in tomorrow night. This is the cruel life. So you have to work hard today, to face the cruel tomorrow, tomorrow you must work hard, is likely to see the day after tomorrow the sun, but the vast majority of people can’t see the sun. Your effort is not enough light, and luck, luck come from? Luck is good time to think about what other people themselves, their bad check myself, I believe that will be coming.

today I see you smile, the world’s most powerful weapon is to resolve all the problems with a smile, I always smile, even though I internal injuries are very heavy. So a company to was born in China, such a market environment was born in China, alibaba is an accident, is also a must, because the market mechanism, because a bunch of young people believe me, we can do such things in the market.

here each and every one of you have experienced countless challenges, and I told the company colleagues, a lot of people say no chance, we never won, I said you won, won before birth is hundreds of millions of sperm and egg out of the race, and came to the world you will be successful, came to the world you again after numerous tests into tsinghua university, received today of the diploma, you have a good start, a good chance, have a good foundation. But may not have a person will win, not necessarily can you run fast people today or go very quickly, the world, like football, is round. I hadn’t thought of hangzhou normal university can when administered by college advisor thank money dean to my trust. The world is round, so people remember, today you’d better, not necessarily the best tomorrow, today you worst, society gives you a lot of chance, as long as you hold, as long as effort will have a chance.

the last give you a suggestion, and always believe that your opponent is not in your side, when you are at the edge of your model, even if the person you hate. Many years ago I said, I didn’t find a rival with a telescope, the somebody else say hello pride. In fact they didn’t listen to me next, I telescope to find, not rivals, looking for the model. Your opponent may in Israel, where you don’t know what, he is more diligent than you, you won the tsinghua graduate today, don’t work, you don’t read, because you think I graduated from tsinghua, who graduated from hangzhou normal university, he constantly learning, but he kept trying to constantly in progress. So this is I want to tell everyone about, overcome yourself, this is the real hero.

I think we humans today to face enormous challenges, is knowledge and education to keep pace with the development of technology, but it is our opportunity, what is complaining, where there are complaints, where is the opportunity. China’s e-commerce development so good, actually has nothing to do with alibaba, is originally poor economic infrastructure in China, we believe that this thing, just go for ten years. Today China’s e-commerce is beyond the sum of the e-commerce, not because the United States don’t work hard, but the base of the United States yesterday so good. No Internet financial in the United States, because the U.S. financial environment is so good, not plugged in, the financial environment in China is not so good, just give us a chance to. All bad things yesterday is your opportunity, someone is complaining about is when you see an opportunity. Ali has also I’d like to share one thing, we spend 30 years go today, not three years, we understand a truth, what is the strategy, is the most important thing to do in the future, adhere to the ideal, adhere to the positive energy, keep optimistic, adhere to the feet on the ground. One thing we never make it, what would you like to do today success tomorrow, or do something success next year, this year because the chance always not me. Today you the biggest capital is young, because young you can take 10 years to defeat the alibaba, beat taobao, if you have this idea, perhaps as long as five years, if you hope to defeat in next year, you probably can’t beat the rest of my life.