MacBook Air quietly update: CPU performance, price 800 yuan! Still no Retina screen

apple’s official website today quietly on the updated version of the MacBook Air. Appearance no change, just used the latest Intel CPU, a small upgrade from 1.3 GHz to 1.4 GHz (farce frequency to 2.7).

of course, the biggest change is the price: 11 inches based version has now dropped to 6288 yuan, 7088 yuan price 800 yuan than originally.

such as the United States, Hong Kong and China’s Apple’s official website update the information. Hk price of hk $1000 after 11 inches basic version for 6688 Hong Kong dollars, or about 5396 yuan.

after the price of the MacBook Air is thin and the king of the ratio of current, it is undoubtedly to the Windows PC makers of cruel blow.

of course, this also let version part of waiting for the Retina MacBook Air friends down. But you can choose a 13 inch MacBook Pro Retina version, after all, it only 13 inch MacBook Air weighs 220 grams, also has good portability.

Ps: purchase price of the page has been updated, the prices on the Mac points column head figure advertisement is the same, please don’t get me wrong.

the Ps2: I don’t know this update later, apple will launch the new MacBook Air again this year? The legendary 12 inch touch screen version of the MacBook Air and show…