Make DIY kingdom in the 21st century, Geek MakersKit achievement ordinary people dream

want to build your own kingdom of DIY hardware? , the founder of Jawn McQuade and Mike Stone has used his story to make the perfect interpretation of DIY.

since February last year to run, the firm raised $1.5 million in seed money, also with Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters distribution agreement has been signed, and published a book on DIY books at amazon.

two founders met, alumni Stone fashion institute of technology, 29, who has just hired McQuade do Stone, 24, is now close the San Francisco clothing chain store manager independently.

start two people on how to use different process for fledgling clothing store up business and give DIY guide, but they soon discover that the tutorial than clothes sell well. Enjoy a good reputation in San Francisco start-up, McQuade and Stone soon like Google and Yelp as a teaching guide for other companies.

Stone said: “we just smelled a smell of tech companies at that time.” The company decided to pack the most popular DIY tutorial complete sold. There is no instruction, but to increase customer through online video link.

MakersKit also focus on the other side of the market, he said “all competitors to capture young women of the DIY market, but we want to take our products into the mainstream.” From the manufacturing mason jar herb garden to make soap, lipstick and candles, MakersKit products has attracted more and more audience. Stone said: “40% of our target customers are men.”

into mainstream way to attract the Tribeca Venture Partners, investors by Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, Mesa +, Greycroft Partners and Gary Vaynerchuk with its investment tools Vayner RSE for additional investment. This brings MakersKit $6.5 million.

so far, MakersKit in more than a year of time has been sold at the price of around $25 per bag for 4.5 per DIY development tool kit. Stone is expected to double in 2014. Company except through their own websites and online retail stores sales and retail business, also with other similar Birchbox and Zulily network suppliers.

a new fund, the company is planning to build public workshop in Los Angeles headquarters, build community in website, customers can share their projects here.

this is to realize the lofty goals of part of the business plan. Stone said: “we want to be the next Martha Stewart, just cool, maker also cool.”