Make product experience Zhou Hongyi: three “heart strategics”

cloud network hunting note: 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi recently in an event to share his lessons do products. He summed up the three products need “heart strategics”, it is the heart, 2 it is to be treated, is three notices.

when I just came, the conference organizers told me, today to communicate a lot of people are designers, product managers, it is said that there are 50 executives, I hope you have a communication with today, for many executives, I actually have a suggestion, and the division of the company specifically in the past, to make a product like a production line, someone is responsible for planning, known as the product manager, is responsible for project implementation, known as project manager, and specializes in UE, I didn’t find out the UX and UE how to distinguish, then tell me half a day there was a big company, UX is user experience, UE do UED, points of very thin, I listened to half a day, the two roles at least in my working career, I find it difficult to distinguish, the last people there may be responsible for research and development, responsible for planning, getting products with code heap.

here today is more a designer, I also very much against in a company, a lot of people see designer as an artist, designer product ready, you give me a favor to beautify, polish it, adjust the color, look at the pixels, the designer should become a product manager in itself.

I have some personal experience, not because of who I am, how successful you are, but because I was the biggest loser, I made a very big mistake on the user experience, even scold the dog by others, I have investments and participate in do you see the success of the product, it is because you did not see behind, there are many unsuccessful function not successful product, has not been all attention and remember it. So it is a lot of experience and lessons, I summarized a few simple tips, just a few word “heart” :

it is is most simple, is the heart

a lot of people laugh, we don’t do things by heart? Many people originally just a cog in the company, a lot of time to do the product, is doing for themselves, or feel in carrying out the boss will, or to perform any command, really in the heart?

if a person to see himself is too small, only to see themselves as a part-time job, you are such a hierarchy and mind, you can’t be a truly can do a good job in product manager, so I hope if you listen to my heart, go back to work in the company, also need not tube company is your own, you take out a bit of entrepreneurship. A lot of people speak I’m not a beginner, I why want to entrepreneurship, do your own office will have to do a product? Actually at the boss’s money on someone else’s platform, at the company resources, you cannot make a company to pay tuition, if we can’t fully mobilize themselves, want to have a product perfectly, make the products in the market success, to accumulate, whether popularity, whether accumulation connections, more is the accumulation of experience and lessons. Don’t you go out take a sum of money from the company today, to do yourself a company, do you really think you do the ability of the product is improved? I told the product manager, your in the mind to have a self, must be responsible for the product, the product should be called your own products, I think everyone is a potential, I often give employees a example, a lot of employees, a lot of products, product manager do to pick up a lot of problems, but he is doing his job, just by doing their job is very difficult to make good product managers.

you, I know it’s difficult to Beijing to buy a house, of course, to 360 a little opportunity, I can tell you that I do in the company for so many years, seeing many colleagues well is not easy to buy a small house, and then to decorate, they all became an expert to decorate, ceramic tile experts, toilet experts, why? Because this is his house, he spent a lot of time on the Internet search, every day every day to the city of battle of wits and sell building materials, as long as the take out to decorate their home of spirit, a layman can become ceramic tile, bath experts, there is no reason not to become a product specialist. A lot of people ask me, let me have a you think virtual heart, even if you think I have some thoughts on the products, to be honest every time a new product, I don’t take out a few kits, nor had inspiration in the three minutes, I also spent a lot of time reading something counterparts, go to BBS user comments, and take a long time with this product, each product is to have worked, sometimes feel do have a product like a mother October be pregnant a child, even if you success has brought up three children, their fourth child in ten months, three months was born, is that possible? Or after 10 months of painful process, I feel heart, responsible to oneself, responsible for doing products, is the basic premise for a product manager.

although you in the company’s title is not high, the position is not high, the product manager is the injustice, because his title, often have to coordinate a lot of people, to put up with technology department of supercilious, different aspects from different company executives gave him almost contradictory requirements, sometimes even have to bear some of the so-called idiot led to his command, and a lot of time to coordinate different departments inside the company, including market and spread. But I think the product manager is the general manager, you should think of yourself as a general manager, will be through the weak voice, but you should have the courage to speak, to be able to express their wishes, dare to say no to some opinions, to be able to summon up courage to promote the progress of the many things, even if is very difficult.

so if a person in the company after many twists and turns over trifling, finally to put forward to promote a product that does not mean that a title must be consistent, I think the product manager is the general manager, to be able to do this once, congratulations you, one day you go to business, found that those entrepreneurial companies in the United States, actually there is no product manager this title, the main programmer is the product manager. In other words, a good product manager, want to do poineering work if one day, want to have your own business, want to have my own business, if he can’t be a good product manager, frankly speaking difficult, to be a product manager is one of the most important premise.

2 it is to be treated

I have just finished a self, self, dare to take responsibility, care about is the ego, ecstasy, without me, we do the product, no matter how good technology sold to consumers how good feeling to the user of cool design, all want to hold a theory, all the user experience, what is the user experience, why not call product manager experience, don’t call the boss user experience, because all the experience from the user perspective, from the user to see the product, what do you think of a good product users may not buy, choosing and industry experts for the user to select a product a product of reason, sometimes it is very different. The user to select a product, sometimes very simple, how to learn to think from the perspective of users, I think that for many people, it is a very simple thing, but in fact it’s hard to do. Because everyone no matter into is not successful, with the increase of their experience, experience of ascension, each person speak most? Is I think, I think, I think, we ourselves too much, a lot of time to do the product, is for yourself.

a lot of time to discuss our products, at the time of fierce debate, the debate may not stand in the user’s perspective, are fierce thinks he’s right, the other is wrong. How can you allow yourself to be treated, this psychology has a lot of this kind of words, called empathy, from a user perspective to consider the problem, this ability is not problem for many people, is also a question of attitude. Originally I have a word, my education in the company of many people, like a small white users to think, think out the conclusion that act like a pro. A lot of people are reversed, think like a expert, to act like an idiot.

recently WeChat products xiao-long zhang, head of the point of view, and his point of view, a few years ago said point of view is the same view with me, I in three years ago led the topic, truth is the same, the state of an idiot or a fool patterns, each of you to have a button, can quickly into a fool mode, I most of the time in the company to discuss products, a challenge I am product manager, is also much more because I can scold by user for so many years, often to the first line of the user’s post, do the user service in weibo, it is not for show, in order to keep grasp the idea of the user, not one of my favorite magazine industry high-end magazine, similar to the geek, computer enthusiasts, computer software, on the street selling low user popular magazine, a ridiculous article above, such a simple function with early, why write an article education of users, the users really don’t know how to use.

through continuous training, I develop a result, I hand made a software, for me, I somehow also a programmer, did for so many years of technology and product, a functional hyperactivity found two under the mouse, can seldom live me? Written or a button is very difficult, I read it again, I think a want to want to see a little, but I have a second idiot in my head I worked, if I can see what things without thinking, I feel this product is very smooth, but suddenly I dazed, everybody don’t laugh at me, sometimes I have design products, finished design, I use of time, I would have schizophrenia, a profile design, but another idiot zhou began to use, use the how to feel uncomfortable, this a few words to look at, I entered the small white state, how do I look not to know what the words mean, I will tell the product manager immediately, this experience has a problem.

I do product, at least half of the inspiration from the user, not to say that the user should do I’ll tell you a specific product, it can’t directly ask the user, the user specific needs, demand cannot hear a case, it will be the user by the nose, with rational user demand, put yourself in the user scenario, users why would think so, why the user to complain, so what is the root of the complaint, you will find, you want to be a good product, it will have a lot of problems, their consciously and unconsciously doing doing doing according to their idea, embarks from the users of the thinking mode, constantly in the heart are torn between, constantly challenge themselves, the user experience to find the best feeling.

I have stressed the user experience, all experience is should start from the user, as our industry experts, especially you the easiest way to make a mistake, because you are in the industry for a long time, often attend industry high-end BBS, the peer discussions, often counterparts to strengthen, tell you a truth, peer must be agreed, you make a product, must feel very identity. But in China, often a high-end crowd is identification of the product, sometimes a large number of low-end crowd in China, we often say that the small white users, often find it difficult to identity, often there is a huge gap in the Chinese Internet, in the mainstream of high-end users and real users, who can cross the gap, who is able to from a user perspective.



a lot of people find work in the company, at the time of open product workshop is to improve the user experience, work or it’s ok, it doesn’t matter with me, this is hard to be outstanding product manager. Product experience is everywhere, everything is the product experience. Such as orientation to a hotel, such as by airlines plane, the boarding process, airport security processes, the worst of the user experience, if unfortunately broke his leg, go to a hospital on crutches, of course, a lot of modern hospital improved, but the process of traditional hospital, never know where price first, and then to pay fee, filming, let you run upstairs and downstairs many back and forth, including the famous joke on Beijing’s xizhimen bridge, all drivers will feel as if into the jungle will get lost. If you have been to the United States, the street signs in the United States and China, China’s street is always waiting for you to see later, congratulations to you has been on the wrong path or you have been aware that this is an export, but the street signs in you will remind you when there is a certain distance.

experience is everywhere in our daily life, if you can pay attention to everywhere, think of yourself as a complaint of users, but put it up another level, after complaining, think about why complain, this thing how to improve, and as a mind gymnastics, if I were the road designer, to design the hospital if I, if I to design the remote controller, we use mobile phones, car keys, will find that there are too many experience do very bad things, but you to think about the process, I think is an ascending oneself to experience the feeling.

industry experts have industry mistakes, because in this industry is too familiar, fatigue, had formed the inertial thinking, and sometimes make a small white users, no patience, very angry, to think about a restaurant found a fly in the dish, how do you feel, then jumped up and can’t wait to jump up, in your industry, users use your product made a mistake, you’re not, what’s the big deal, not application error, reinstall it again you don’t have to.

when you buy a car, you do not understand car, will listen to a salesman, you might not care about what a screw is made in this car, but by the time their products, if you put your technical details are presented to the user, and whether users understand don’t understand. Many people buy home appliance, really understand the technology of home appliance? A lot of people because of the home appliance to grow good-looking, or things are fooled the salesman, buy a color TV home, bought a lot of function to go home, go home with her most key or the volume button, open channel and the key, all touched most key on the remote control? TV must have the function of the photos, if you put the SD card to plug, if you put a, will know this function is not design to the person.

I sometimes say, many functions do like looking for a pump type, say you didn’t do it, you do, have the function, function can complete the task, say you do, the user is difficult to use, to use, but in your own field of products are you doing, you know the details, do you know the process, you can’t scold, you will feel how well their children do, the user will not use, we developed a book 21 day learn to use what, we maybe companies rely on for training could also create an industry, mobile phones than selling money today, and know the joke.

why encourage everyone in daily life, are not familiar with the field planting seeds, it is found that the user experience, cultivation of empathy is a very good chance. If in daily life, is not just that a few hours to work, or the meeting that a few minutes, can let oneself everywhere in a small white user mode, can let oneself of life and found the place with bad experience, someone in weibo to complain, to shoot the light is not good, this really pay attention to detail, everywhere beware of all experience. In the past, a great poet, not every day in the house started first according to copy can write a great poem, he has a pure heart, have a heart, clearing up everywhere, visiting famous mountains and great rivers, and friends to drink, like li bai, can have this kind of inspiration, the inspiration for a lot of products from the outside of the product. nullnull