Making not only in the service of the programmer, also want to have good service designers

all kinds of startup wants to become a “lot” designer, but now, making decision or make it yourself.

in the design world, changes in the old version design of backup, monitoring and even file are no industry standards organization. Therefore, most designers will adopt more awkward naming conventions (for example: “newdesign – 1.022 – draft. PSD”), or direct don’t mark any changes.

many companies tried to solve this problem — including Pixelapse, LayerVault even Adobe, but failed to change the designer group these habits. Not a complete “built in the designer’s lot” vision.

but today, a lot to upgrade little affectations make everything has changed: support the PSD view and compare versions (i.e., to monitor design difference between version), making can let designers see the PSD when happened to change and who changes.

if making want to win the designer’s heart are not good at programming, so it still has a lot of work to do. This service has a steep learning curve, and the first is for programmers – after all, Git is designed for programmers.

however, the change of the above still indicates an interesting twist. Considering the size and making it in countless plays the role of web design project, making the winning designer heart fight with the machine.