Many people contrast, Normal tell you which application is battery “vampire”

I buy the latest version of the iPhone is probably less than a year, but at some point somewhere, somehow, it is somehow not electricity. I really don’t know what’s going on before, but now I know.

thanks to a new application, called the “Normal”, it is Stanford computer science research and development of the two, Dr Adam Oliner and Jacob Leverich, they in a named Kuro company for postdoctoral research Labs.

as their first project – Normal battery diagnostic services, it tracks your application power consumption situation and compared it with other iOS devices users, see if you can take some special actions to extend battery life. It costs just $0.99 application to your mobile phone battery usage and combined with similar analogy to the rest of the application.

as a result, the name “Normal” refers to your cell phone battery in Normal circumstances can be comparable to other versions of the same equipment — whether at Normal levels.

“(battery is a user demand, there is no good solution.” Oliner, said “the existing battery monitoring management applications won’t tell you everything what you need to know. Why do you power? Is this normal or abnormal? This is we try to adjust.”

when you open the Normal, you will see that the application of active and inactive application of battery. Normal is shut off for each application to show you if these specific program can save much electricity. For example, if I turn off Facebook application, Normal estimate I will extend the standby time of 26 minutes 47 seconds. If I turn off the background sets that are not active applications, will be 1 hour and seven minutes long.

we can reset the particular application to consume less electricity. Oliner, such as Pinterest is not really a battery power draw, but some configuration to make it more electricity. Normal one interface, can tell you compared with other similar applications, certain whether the program is more less electricity.

this app Oliner based on research of a project at the university of California, Berkeley, development for the application of a name is Carat. Almost the same concept. Measure your old application would quietly equipment, USES the anonymity of its data and others index combined, and then suggest you whether to upgrade the operating system, shut down or restart the application.

since Oliner already finished postdoctoral work, he decided to and Leverich together to create a named Kuro Labs in the new company, breeds more similar concepts. He looked at laptops and tablets, as if to suggest that what.

“the newly built similar company like Bugsense diagnosis mobile phone crashes.” He said, “but our diagnosis is energy.”