Market network completed over $200 million in financing, the tiger fund and Carlyle’s participation

after 58 cross-town rivals listed last year, domestic classified information website to view seems to be robbed also attract a lot of questions. Announced today, the market network to complete a new round of financing, the financing amount more than $200 million, investors for the fund and the Carlyle group.

according to the market network, the current financing funds will be mainly used for the product research and development, and focuses on the wireless side; Increase market, and further to grab market share; And in the field of O2O attempt to explore and new business.

now, the top three market net income of the business, in turn, is hiring, property and service life. For now, for business development has become a center of gravity, target user locates to the grassroots community, in March this year the market net recruitment income reached 80 million yuan per month, officials had expected the revenue reached 800 million yuan this year.

founded in 2005, the market network is now the fifth round of financing. In 2009, blue chi chong to market network series A investment of 8 million dollars; In 2010, nokia’s growth partnership funds and blue chi chong to market net to invest $20 million B round; In 2011, today’s capital and sequoia capital participation in C $70 million investment round; In 2012 two rounds of a $90 million investment. From the current $200 million credit line, Yang Haochong management should be to sell a lot of shares.