MCube push is smaller than the sand of the accelerator, even want to use the Google glasses!

mCube founded five years has been focused on new type semiconductor processing technology research and development of the accelerometer. The accelerometer will be effective to optimize the sensitivity of the sensing devices, allows users to play games, when using smart devices is more relaxed and comfortable.

innovation technology: the reduced size, low cost

the mCube micro-electromechanical device has been shipped more than 60 million production. MCube especially in the production of these microelectromechanical devices used in the process of technology.

the making process of the MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical equipment is usually in the production of traditional silicon semiconductor, and simulation of induction function into silicon semiconductor. MCube technology is directly to consider using traditional silicon chip technology to production simulation induction part (that is, the accelerometer components). Under this kind of technology, MEMS component will be placed inside the chip, thus produced the accelerometer is smaller, cheaper, and easier to produce.

Lee said in an interview, the micro sensor chip were smaller than grains of sand, so also let motion-sensing had the possibility of more abundant. Lee said that Google Glass engineers will be very interested in this sense tiny degrees chip – configure multiple induction in the Google Glass chip will help improve movement monitoring accuracy.

apparently, smaller size, lower cost of motion sensing devices will also have more place, can even make it portable clothes buttons to track human motion. Lee said the mCube research and development of new chip may also help lower fitness tracking software cost, or may be as low as $25.

financing and development

the CEO Ben Lee, under the leadership of mCube has successfully completed the C $37 million in financing, investors including Keytone Ventures, SK Telecom Ventures (China), Chesapeake Investment Partners, etc., the original investors Kleiner Perkins Caufild & amp; Byers, MediaTek, iD Ventures American and DAG Ventures, chasing, mCube all financing for a total of $70 million.

with financing support, mCube data will also be based on the existing research results, through the combination of the accelerometer with serial algorithm to simulate the gyroscope. MCube called iGyro simulation combination. Also, mCube research and development of the simulation of gyroscope as Moore’s law shows the same, it is conceivable that mCube will greatly promote upgrading of sensing chip related.