Media in the United States: China is the innovation of the United States should be seeking inspiration to China

the wired magazine website on July 3, the article, the original title: Chinese innovation has surpassed the “fast track” reputation in China today are breaking any regard it as the idea of followers. On China’s “follow the leader” concept has been disproportionately exaggerated. But obviously, at present China is the innovation of countries, are defined in a variety of ways to search, business, society, entertainment and advertising market.

although initially by imitating the technology industry to grow into a big country, but China now has four of the world top 10 Internet and technology companies. Impressive is that three of the four companies since last year was one of the top 10 in the world. Growth of China’s economy is becoming more and more to the mobile Internet together, its leader, beliefs and passion to be reckoned with. Now, the only need to change the view of China’s innovation is foreigner. Here is China is first to develop and a few examples from the United States has yet to start.

a, big market. Although China has 618 million Internet users, but it is still less than half of its potential. In addition, there are 500 million mobile Internet users and 301 million online buyers.

two, China has the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile communication enterprises. Since 2012, China has the largest smartphone market. Millet is seeking to put pressure on apple, not by copying but through innovation. Is China and the world’s sixth-largest handset-maker 3 millet wants to get bigger. Microsoft is through the set up shop in China are catching up, but it’s too late?

three social information users in China, more than the population of the United States. Its top that most companies have their own information service platform. These giant knows the value of information science and technology, are watching closely to see how the user through the phone communication.

4, mobile business, China in a leading position. In China, mobile electricity users can through the mobile phone to manage their money, take a taxi, even invest in money market funds. In the United States, such activities are far from such as China.

five, innovation in China may be very difficult, but it is worth to do it. Due to the evolution of the Chinese market in the United States market, its (electronic) ecosystem and complex user behavior than the United States. If you can make a successful product in China, can be anywhere in the world get their way. Perhaps, it is time the United States to China for inspiration. (the author guru, pan, Wang Huicong)