“Mediation” reflection, soufun properties such as electrical contractor way doesn’t work

recently, the central plains real estate and other dozens of real estate agents in Shanghai held a conference, announced a joint block soufun, from now on the shelves all the houses in Shanghai. In early June, soufun in several large cities such as Beijing, guangzhou, chengdu was boycotted by real estate agents and in place, including hangzhou mediation group shelves to soufun soufun availability with a heavy blow, share prices collapse. Shortly thereafter, the national cities organize a response brokerage industry, a few days between evaporation nearly hundred million soufun’s value. The incident, also be between June and July soufun primers and actively seek cooperation under line.

why soufun this year was such a big event of Waterloo? I think the reason has three, one is in now, cool climate, clinch a deal the atrophy, intermediary hard days, so the cost is very sensitive; 2 it is to cool the market, real estate website revenue also affected, pursue the growth of listed companies; 3 it is real estate sales channels increasingly rely on the network. By mediation, soufun Shanghai fell to less than 600000 by 1.05 million. In fact, between mediation and site, compromise, interdependence, benefit sharing is the foundation of development.

on July 10, soufun with Jones lang lasalle, rich brilliant strategic cooperation. Soufun involved through the form of equity participation into the one hand, the brokerage company of business of second-hand, in fact, break the past it has been an emphasis on “not to participate in the brokerage business entities” commitment. That from June 25 to 27, China’s real estate brokerage conference during the meeting, the domestic real estate brokerage trade union and soufun to price negotiations, in principle to settle but more than 10 days. This time node is easy to cause the market parties.

in addition to soufun, 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo told the media in an interview with the brokerage industry had harsh words: “I want to be a platform, let the agents have no way.” Less than 24 hours later, on July 31, 58 city and Yao Jinbo released more than one thousand words long weibo, saying that to blow is black intermediary, rather than formal brokerage industry, “… 58 city respect each regular business brokers and agents… Let the black intermediary no choice.” 58 city of Yin and Yang face swing, brokerage business colleagues know. And recently, the national real estate brokerage industry alliance questioning 58 city, its price is favorable, so far no reply, this will cause another round of large-scale boycott of the shelves, I’m afraid of 58 city also don’t know what is the real “pain”!

in the past more than ten years of domestic real estate industry rapid development, cooperate with the brokerage industry and electric business platform although there have been various friction, but never like so intense and fierce collision in 2014. Behind it, is many brokerage companies experience “were kidnapped from year to year, year after year was” embarrassed circle at the same time, the property of electric business platform had been sent to the domestic and foreign capital markets, blow out one after another the concept of myth. And now, the development of the Internet electricity has reached a white-hot degree, many new websites into people field of vision; Offline real estate brokerage firms are also further extended to the line.

business interests over the business ethics

these years, the Internet is developing by leaps and bounds, is dependent on the IT related technology changes with each passing day. Whether traditional PC or mobile terminal, and the advent of the era of mobile phone 4 g, as well as search, video, big data, the types of cloud services such as technology, make this industry has the unprecedented vitality and development possibilities.

based on these technologies, there are a lot of business model innovation. Whether these patterns of innovation succeeds, after inspection, wins the recognition of the consumers, the market still needs time to judge. At present in the field of real estate electricity, have appeared in the so-called “independent brokers”, “the agent” and even “disintermediated” concept, from the new business model, is to catch the eye, but whether the new model of ground gas, whether there is life, I think it takes a while.

however, contrast techniques and patterns, finally able to achieve in the future market, occupy the leading position, obtaining social identity, the more important is to win on business ethics and values, is the so-called “gentleman’s love of money, take youdao”. Must see, technology provides the tools, model provides a method, and finally win the market, winning hearts and minds or business ethics and values.

this is the “open, sharing and efficient” spirit of the Internet is highly consistent. In the network and information age, the Internet to the traditional industry transformation is brought the social public higher efficiency, better experience, a lower cost (of course the cost is comprehensive, including effort, opportunity cost, etc.), improve the industry efficiency and transforming the industry, and promote the overall social welfare. At present, we can see all of the Internet success stories, all point to this conclusion.

as Internet enterprise, if its own against the ideas and values, its prospects of development in the future is to make a question mark. Soufun offline in the world and in the rich, for example, he won some strategic partners at the same time, in also abandoned its objectivity and impartiality of the as a media platform, destined to lose will win. As a site of auto channel: if be the nation’s largest auto dealers to buy down, then other car companies and agents will still on such a platform for advertising?

e-house “in the example is a case in point. In fact, so many years, it seems, e-house “after the model, although its new business, but in the advertising business of second-hand housing and no improvement. Its the main reason is: many brokerage companies understand that joy is behind the e-house, e-house is their competitors; If placing too much joy in advertising, in fact and in cheer for their rivals and ammunition, and eventually these shells can back on themselves. Ultimately, it is also easy “in the pattern of birth defects to some extent.

in the same way, if an Internet business is to get more income from the beginning, in order to support the stock price, and tell stories to capital markets, in order to get rid of the temporary difficulties… And no real from customers, partners, industry and the perspective of market efficiency to run, no matter you are integrated, equity participation, or the so-called model innovation, technology upgrade, finally can only be a flash in the pan, and cannot become the market leader and mainstream.

at the end of the day, is still that sentence: “the mode of technology tools, only just method, won the remains of business ethics and values.” Avenue to Jane, such “to” Jane is one of the most important.

offline advantages outweigh the online mode

one from the online point of view, if left offline, and the service process is to go. As Mr. Feng once said: “the real estate electricity is only love, can’t get married ‘”. That is to say, if not offline cooperation or integration, this step is not a line, the real estate of electricity service process is incomplete, at best just can have the effect of information release, advertising, and preliminary screening. Because from the point of the actual market situation, if there is no offline showing, offline signing, payment settlement process, such as the real estate transaction is finished. Real estate electrical contractor to change, must be cleared below the leg, you can’t get through a complete service chain.

and traditional offline model in the original is not online, its service process, at least, is open. Whether the site or store sales in the reception, to entrust, matching, matching, clinch a deal, after… In the absence of online, the service process are always open. Just say, in the Internet age, if there is no online information, customer, flow import entry, offline will encounter some inefficient difficult to do it, but does not mean that the line will not be able to do. The conclusion is clear: although the traditional offline mode, but it still complete and effective; Online mode in the tall, but it doesn’t leave offline.

2 extending from the online and offline each other’s way, the difficulties faced by online will be bigger. If like soufun, 58 city shout out yourself to do offline brokerage business, stores, hiring, so they will be involved in dozens of cities layout, thousands of stores and tens of thousands of people management issues, to ultimately achieve sales and implementation results. These problems will be very difficult for online businesses, because they do so at the same time, will face the ground city brokerage business face to face competition and the sniper. Sun tzu’s cloud: “the most under siege”, want to fight through a city to fight, the military commander from local brokerage enterprise ‘mouths – faux pas, and down. And on the other hand, if it is online and offline business yourself to do such an extension of the difficulty is relatively lower, in fact, some strength strong big brokerage firm (e.g., cause I love my family group) already have their own website, call center, mobile terminal platform, and the platform has a certain business accounted for, and also continue to rise in the future. “Lao zi”, “keep is.” Brokerage enterprise services inside to outside busy, learning from the path, is at least upper.

third, from the cognitive perspective of brand and consumers, online enterprise faces to reverse the consumer consumption and cognitive habits problem for a long time. Consumers are more likely to finish the brokerage firm as their final services entrusted by the party; For the website, consumers generally cognition is still used as information acquisition, comparison and selection, to let the consumer finally pure website as his trading service clients, regardless of brand or from the cognitive, are very difficult.

all of three, in the future housing electricity “O2O” mode, the online in “handshake, integration, series” in the process of who need more? Objective for all need each other, but in a real battle, in the process of cooperative game, offline in the current advantage will be more bigger.

based on this, like soufun equity brokerage enterprise behavior, the traditional brokerage firms, including establishing the independent online platform has) no need to panic. In the face of change, of course, brokerage firms should have a sense of urgency, accelerate the pace of their own, but for now, advantage still prefer to offline.

the changing real estate electricity saving

from the fourth quarter of last year after trading began descending, domestic real estate market there have been some changes. From past developed and mature market, the experience which the rapid advances in the real estate market development phase, it is difficult to market adjustment and mode of innovation; And the corresponding phase when the market into the relatively rational and calm, are more prone to mode of innovation and change the industry.

need to see, in the changing the future of the whole industry, the standardization of the industry itself, differentiation, the broker’s elite and specialization, and the scientific and efficient enterprise organization form, including with the combination of electricity and Internet development, conducted in the future will be added together.

in this process, the traditional online Internet company changes its operation form, and brokerage organization form, operation pattern, management pattern will change too. Under the condition of industry management based on the government management, will be more play to the role of industry associations, industry self-discipline organization; Real estate brokerage industry will achieve higher standards, services segment; Consumer behavior, habits, the choice of way to trade, including online and brokerage firm demands… Many ways can change.

in the changing of the future, who can seize the consumer’s heart, who is able to improve the overall efficiency of the industry, who can seize the future direction of the market, who can better integrate resources and keep up with the trend of the market development, all these problems will gradually to find the answer. The future of the real estate brokerage industry, will no doubt be a reshuffle and profound changes, and this time, is likely to last two to three years.

in this sense, the real estate brokerage industry in 2014 and many of the stories between electricity, such as real estate brokerage companies to boycott to guest, soufun is taking a stake in the world and rich glory, 58 of the Yin and Yang halves of the same city… All of these, it will be just for the changing industry began a curtain, the more important is that this way after the curtain opened, it can lead to the thinking of the whole industry. We have seen today, from the perspective of industry development, any enterprise want to monopolize the transverse, longitudinal think eating, it is hard to do.

so, under the environment of electric business platform reached to offline, in the future in the process of the development of the industry, the competition between brokerage enterprise relationship is important, but in the face of change, brokerage companies between the resource sharing and cooperation relations, the industry of common interests, and the development of the industry competition order will take on greater importance.

I think, each concerned real estate brokerage industry practitioners, should go to think seriously and deeply in the future, how to win in this change.