Meeting booking platform will be small 2 net IDG tens of millions of yuan to A round of funding

meeting booking platform will be small 2 announced IDG capital of tens of millions of yuan A round of funding, have been obtained.

small 2 is established and the end of 2012, mainly to provide meeting venue search and solution for two classes of service. Its official said, will the small 2 venue search platform includes 39000 hotels, with 3000 hotels to achieve cooperation.

will be small 2 CEO, said at the meeting activity O2O on this direction, we have great differences in actual practice. Differentiation characteristics of small 2 is mainly in two points: one is involved in trading links; The second is small and medium-sized activities as the breakthrough point.

at said, will the small 2 web guest unit price in the 3 – an average of 50000 yuan, the main service object is the department of small and medium-sized enterprises or large enterprise activities.

with the infiltration in the field of micro letter to the office, will be small 2 launched solution system based on micro letter public account, the user can submit meeting requirements in the micro letter public account, small 2 will be in accordance with customer demand plan in micro the letter for rendering.

the O2O several cases abroad, July 20, 2011 Cvent meeting management technology companies in the United States announced in the second round of funding received $136 million in huge investment. Last year by the Cvent successful listing, meeting O2O areas began to be capital. At the beginning of this year another meeting service platform will tang net A round thousands yuan investment level. According to the Chinese tourism hotel industry association’s latest China meeting statistical analysis report, in 2012 domestic conferences and meetings to drive trillions’ worth of traffic, catering, accommodation, market grew by an average of about 20%.

melt wing Yao Cong capital partners had previously said in an interview with the media, is to participate in the activities of convention and exhibition industry of entrepreneurial small and medium-sized companies are very much. Online content is very easy to copy, the key competing still lies in the grasp of resources and customers.

source: phoenix technology