Mellow support remote control intelligent kitchen utensils and appliances, three days won $64000 reserve amount

main Sous Vide – (low temperature vacuum cooking method) has been a lot of smart kitchen utensils and appliances, such as Anova, Nomiku merchants also has launched a $199, $299 of new kitchen utensils and appliances, but in this paper, the Mellow pour a fresh place – with smartphones, supports remote control.

Although small Mellow, cold storage preservation, thawing, heating and so on. Also equipped with the corresponding App, let the user mobile phone after feeding material can receive corresponding hint, the user can be selected via the App ingredients, and set the cooking time – App not only help users to remote control, can also record the user’s cooking habits, according to a senior team, based on user feedback Mellow can further perfect its own cooking method.

Mellow in erlangen, Ze said months ago Mellow team decided not to go all ordinary raise route, give up the Kickstarter the raised platform of this kind of mature, fundraising, on their website in order to better management and depth transparent.

Mellow project launch, after 3 days received more than 160 copies of booking sheet, a total of $64000, 16000 visits visitors from all over the world.

website recently released the pre version can save $100 than the retail price, and sell when the formal deductions. Is sad, however, pre version get launch in 2015, time is a bit long. And distribution area of the United States only.

anyway, so a smart kitchen utensils and appliances for the busy office worker, is indeed a very intimate and convenient products, technology can make us more to enjoy life, is not a good one?