Merchants Gospel: Google new tools using all resources to make the customer to find you at any time

Google recently launched a new tool called “”, it is for businesses to provide one-stop products, brand display solutions. Businesses only need to register and fill in basic information, Google can use their own resources, to allow the user to find information about merchants anytime and anywhere.

Google My Business is not so much a tool, a rather comprehensive service advertising services. Businesses registered after fill in the basic situation, the service will automatically generate presents information related to the customers. These commodity information will appear in Google search (PC, mobile), Google maps, at the same time also will appear on the Google +. This means that brands only through this tool, can make your information appear in Google almost all of the promotion channels.

Google in the blog wrote: “for brands, the most important thing is to let the consumer can find you the most rapid in time of need. Consumer is the most important, and is the top priority for consumers to find you.”

in addition, Google has also sent a formal s, so that the business platform to realize feedback information editing and data query.