“Merge like terms” Twitter native advertising add new army

as one of the famous social networking platform Twitter is not only selling advertising services, and the depth of the investment to build up their own advertising business.

as early as 2013, Twitter is a huge sum of money, bought for $350 million Mopub advertising company, in a social platform of “main” advertising “, began his career “.

Twitter announced acquisition of native advertising start-up Namo Media. This is a flagship mobile native advertising start-up companies, mainly to help application developers in the application of them into native advertising.

according to the recent results, Namo Media currently has 198 million users (78% of users will use Twitter). For 75% of all advertising revenues from the mobile Twitter, Namo Media is obviously quite accord with its bid.

at present, both sides did not disclose the terms of the deal. According to Namo Media blog the message, the purchase decision, Namo Media will no longer be independent operation, cooperate to MoPub instead.

post as follows:

in Twitter, we will adhere to the concept of optimizing native advertising environment, continue to work hard for developers to build better native advertising platform.

the cooperation with MoPub, will let us have the ability, at the same time of keep a good user experience, to provide customers more powerful, profitability better platform.

overview of native advertising here, than now we habitually ignore Banner ads (Banner), native of advertising information surrounding the notice and advertising related to the new, better communication effect, there is less to the user’s visual interference. A famous example is the Facebook insert sponsor advertising information in the information flow model. Although the native advertising is not particularly fire, but its future prospects can be period, therefore the Twitter acquisitions is timely.

Via: Venture Beat