Mergers and acquisitions are currently housing: nokia exclusive 】 【 Chinese company payment in arrears

hunting cloud network news on August 6 (editor: JACK)

nokia e-town employee rights event has not yet subsided, hunting cloud network editing your sole got another message, Microsoft acquisition nokia event sequela fade-in, lousy tail events hit several Chinese Internet.

to hunting, people familiar with the cloud network editing your sole, early last year, China to promote nokia Windows Phone take the initiative to find some Chinese Internet companies, including, sing, ink, fills, the beautiful, and so on. Nokia’s appeal is very simple, hope the Chinese Internet companies to the applications of Windows Phone development own company, nokia has promised to provide development funds.

after the rectified, Microsoft announced acquisition of nokia, the acquisition has affected the promotion plan, some selected nokia promotion plan of the company to perform the agreement, to personnel on the application, finally has been abandoned. Some should have already received nokia money company was informed that plans have been stranded.

“because promotion plan report by the European headquarters, the headquarters has no matter, only making a, nokia is defaulted on somebody else’s 30000 euros.” The people familiar with the matter said.

the personage inside course of study says, Microsoft acquisition nokia because involves all aspects of the transaction is too confused, do not rule out will be more lousy tail events.

hunting cloud network will continue to pay attention to the matter.