Micro-blogging can also be set! Ali tencent against social electricity

cloud network hunting on June 6,

last week, tencent has just joined in WeChat “WeChat shop” function, the people is the sweat for ali, yesterday morning, sina weibo has held a conference, launched a deep in cooperation with alipay payment “weibo” products. And fully open “payment” interface, for third-party developers to invoke.

this product has the following advantages and features:
Any individuals and groups can pay registered weibo, and then through a variety of third-party tools on commodity trading.
Weibo payment technology fully paid from ali, can be said to be deeply binding alipay, backed by ali in the various security technology of electricity, pay for ensuring security.
Ali’s supply chain, logistics resources also in further and weibo pay access. A backup food enough.
Weibo pay without any jump, can complete the transaction within weibo directly, support pay treasure and quick payment. Steps or even less than taobao, the user experience the perfection.

this is Mr. Ma’s fans don’t have to worry the ceiling, investing in the sina weibo after more than a year, ali and sina is finally come up with some practical action, ali is the luck, entered the field of social electricity!

but into came in, can’t stand secure is another problem!

social electricity is a kind of new marketing model

in the field of electricity had 1.0 times a simple function of online shopping, and then to the current 2.0 times after the introduction of evaluation system, a new generation of social electricity through all obstacles, finally today really came to the front of people.

in dealing with the social electricity namely actually can buy things on the Internet, can safe to buy things on the Internet, give users more accurate, more comfortable buying experience. For merchants and electrical business, is the upgrade of a more precise, freedom, and more effective marketing model.

this with reference to interest, hobbies, pervasive marketing methods, more friendly and comfortable. For merchants, free running and target more precise, potential community spread, marketing effect is more prominent.

this is all a way of marketing at present incomparable mode, any electric business platform need idea into the field, will be a great threat to their original platform.

for all merchants a good marketing platform, exposure rate is high, the conversion is the assurance of it can survive well. Such a good marketing platform has a large number of potential users, his appeal is any merchants can’t refuse.

and merchants are important resources to the survival of an electric business platform, which is why ali’s desperate to social layout.

weibo media properties, electrical business take advantage of social

although now (sina) weibo activity is not in the past, but any other social product still can’t replace weibo status, including tencent. That’s a huge advantage brought by the media attribute of the microblogging, but not limited to the advantage of media properties.

weibo celebrity flavor is heavy, spread effect is good, high affinity.

weibo, all sorts of celebrities, all sorts of grassroots big V registered weibo basically who will focus on a few opinion leaders, and then add two art van, finally to find two funny than.

this is different from micro letter has a natural, micro letter due to social tools properties is too heavy, users don’t want to too much public account information interfere with social function, so the choice of the public accounts is extremely harsh. Slightly bad, immediately take off, so the micro letter may not like weibo, 24 hours a day uninterrupted or pick peak, tried to show. So the communication effect is much lower.

on weibo people obviously more relaxed, weibo is a paragraph, are unwilling to look to see the next. Take much trouble. For a tweet didn’t write well? See like weibo, due to the original word too little, who is not according to own understanding to imagine a lot of, then immediately comment forward assist. Microblogging forwarding tree propagation effect than micro letter comes with high efficiency.

micro letter the day live is impressive, but how much is the flow of chat? A long circle of friends is how many? And how much traffic can be used for marketing, exposure?

these not doing micro letter marketing people know, even ordinary users can also see a thing or two.

however, tencent also have their own weibo, this also is tencent’s backup potential!

ali and sina weibo microblog to pay, in the current from the technology and has an obvious advantage on resources. But immersed in the field of social tencent has incomparable advantage over others for many years, comprehensive, different types of social products, represent the tencent tremendous potential in the field of electricity in the future, also can attract a large number of resources.

this even ali has to be on the safe side, pushing the stove. The future who can laugh in the end, still have to spell brainpower.